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Notes: Seventeen
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This film has continuous background music (sounding somewhat like meditation music) instead of dialogues, like most Seventeen films. The moaning of the girls' orgasms (or perhaps other girls' orgasms...) has been mixed into the music and is clearly audible.

The film starts with a few previews.

Scene 1: A black-haired girl, wearing nothing but a pink Seventeen t-shirt and a Seventeen headband, plays with her tits. She removes her shirt and masturbates.

Scene 2: A blond girl, in a Seventeen headband, a red Seventeen t-shirt and purple knickers, undresses. She masturbates, using successively her fingers, a vibrator and a dildo.

Scene 3: Two dark blond girls undress each other, lick each other's tits and eat each other's pussies.

Scene 4: A black-haired girl in a bikini lowers her bra, removes her briefs and masturbates. She comes.

Scene 5: A boy is lying on a bed, reading. Tiffany Walker (black pinafore dress, purple sweater, strawberry blond hair) is standing beside the bed. She lifts her skirt and draws his attention to the fact that there are more things in life than books. Pussies for instance. He pulls aside her knickers and starts eating her pussy. He undresses her and removes his shirt. She lowers his trousers and blows him. They switch to position sixty-nine. The boy comes in Tiff's mouth. The sperm drips out of her mouth upon his cock. Stills from this scene are common fare on the internet. The scene has been shot in the same studio and on the same bed as her scenes in three other Seventeen productions.

Scene 6: A blond girl in a Seventeen headband and a white Seventeen t-shirt, rolled up above her breasts, masturbates on a sofa.

Scene 7: A blonde is lying on a bed and uses a red dildo on her pussy. Somewhat later she uses her fingers. She climbs on a rim over the bed and uses a grey-brown dildo there.

Scene 8: Michelle Wright is cuddling with the guy who plays Charles Fortisque in 'The Triple X Files'. She has brown hair and wears a red Seventeen t-shirt, knickers and white stockings. 'Charles' pulls aside her knickers and licks her clitoris, simultaneously using a banana on her vagina. She sits down on hands and feet and he moves a finger up and down her pussy. They exchange French kisses while 'Charles' removes her t-shirt. Michelle peels off his trousers and boxer shorts and starts to blow him. Her knickers have gone by the time they start to shag, doggy, spoons and missionary style. They switch over to sixty-nine. 'Charles' wanks himself and squirts his sperm into her face. She licks the leftovers from his cock.

Scene 9: A girl with long dark blond hair, wearing no more than a red smock hanging wide open and a pair of knickers, is caught in the act of removing her knickers when the scene begins. She masturbates, standing up and lying on a bed. The girl also features in 'Lusty Teens Vol. 4' and is called Jinobca there.

Scene 10: A ponytailed blonde is talking to a guy with a punk haircut and earrings. She is only dressed in a Seventeen t-shirt, rolled up above her breasts, and black knee socks. She produces his cock and starts blowing him. The guy undresses and licks her clitoris, simultaneously moving a finger up and down her pussy. They shag, spoons, doggy and reverse cowgirl style. Finally he wanks himself and squirts his sperm into her mouth.

Review by Middle_Aged_Dutchman

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