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Released: 2001
Director: Terry Stephens
Notes: One Eyed Jack Productions / 24 Carat Productions
Notes and Reviews
  • Esperance, an American brunette (but living in UK), is visited by Terry Stephens in her flat. She teases him while he films her and he manages to have sex with her, including anal, while holding the camera. Earlier she pours honey over his cock and sucks it. Cumshot over pussy.
  • Terry and John arrive at a house, interrupting Steve Hooper who is getting a blowjob from Jacqui Ebony. He lets them in, telling them she is getting ready. John rushes up the stairs, strips off and gets in the bath with her. There follows vigorous sex with all three men all over the house including a DP. Cumshots over tits and pussy. Since Jacqui has now made a lot of stuff in the US as Ebony Sinclair and Chelsea Sinclair, one can compare her British stuff to that. In my opinion it is superior. In this case the sex is more energetic, the participants are having fun and are obviously into each other (metaphorically speaking) and the action moves from room to room. There is much more spontaneity, much more interaction and eye contact between the participants, and the scene is much more enjoyable as a result. This applies generally when comparing British gonzo to American, apart from early Buttman.
  • Stephanie, the Belgian girl who has appeared in a Ben Dover and a Big Willy and must now be listed as Stephanie [7], is at Mark's. They have sex in the kitchen with Terry joining in and there are two massive facials.
  • Michelle (Elizabeth Pearly) and her boyfriend are picked up by Terry, tits out in the car. At the flat she has sex with the boyfriend but Terry and John join in freely, with anal from Terry. At one point they move to the bathroom and she stands in the bath with boyfriend and then Terry about to take her from behind and pees over their cocks. Cumshots over pussy.
  • The lads pick up Sarah Beattie at a railway station for public groping and blowjobs on the bridge and in the waiting room. Back at the flat she has sex including anal with both to facials.
  • Laura Hermenson and Jessica (Kathy [2]) have rampant sex in a large kitchen with Steve Hooper, Pete Mogridge and Terry and John. After climbing all over the kitchen units they move to the sitting room where Laura takes a reverse cowgirl anal and then reverse cowgirl DP. Cumshots on Jessica's neck and Laura's body.

This was a very enjoyable video, but I would have liked to have seen more facials.

Trailers follow including one for the next One-Eyed Jack production - Backdoor Raiders featuring Michelle Thorne, Taylor Morgan, Tia etc.

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