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Released: 2001
Director: Jules Jordan
Notes: Jules Jordan
Notes and Reviews

Evil Angel. Directed by Jules Jordan

DVD has extra footage

Layla~Jade and Jessie J are in the fourth scene. They knock on the door of Lex's house, saying they are lost and brandishing a map of the stars' homes. Lex is not there, but the cameraman invites them in, saying that it is the home of someone famous. The cameraman chats them up and they don't need much persuading to strip off and give a lesbian show. Lex arrives in the middle of this and they have his cock out of his trousers in very little time. A horny threesome follows. Both girls take anal and do A2M and there is lots of dirty talk. Lex cums over Layla's arse - he is careful to say 'arse' and is congratulated on his English accent by Layla - with Jessie in such close attendance that some of it goes into her mouth and she licks up the rest.

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