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Notes: videoangels V506
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Review tape kindly provided by Videoangels

running time 44mins

this scene originally comprised part of videoangels hh12/insights p52.

we begin with leonora and melissa reclining on a divan, sucking each others breasts. it's not long before melissa decides to take a trip downtown and not to go window shopping either! the oral is nicely done with a judicious mix of close ups and middle distance shots. there are no verbal exchanges, nor are there throughout the entire sequence. we are spared any background music and everything takes place to an ambient soundtrack.

the girls adopt the 69 position, with leonora on top. after a couple of minutes a dildo is brought out, of which they are both on the receiving end. after this brief bout, melissa assumes the doggy position and leonora takes her from behind with a strap-on. in the final sequence, a double-headed dildo is brought into the fray and gets used simultaneously by the girls in a number of positions. with the toys put away, the girls caress each other until fade-out.

leonora is a fine looking woman and she didn't make enough material, in this reviewers opinion.

review by woodgnome

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