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Notes: videoangels V514; soft
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Review tape kindly provided by Videoangels

running time 48mins

this is an entirely softcore outing, with barely a pube to be glimpsed. a shame, as the five models featured are all capable of putting on a no holds barred performance.

the set up has melissa and louise on a pussy hunt as, camcorder in hand, they trawl the city streets, spinning a line to young women about needing girls to try on a new lingerie line. thus they find sarah in a shopping mall and kelly in a soho sex shop, with claire already waiting for them back at the flat.

the only thing of note to be said is that all the filming is done by louise and melissa, which give things a relaxed, home movie feel. the fact is, this could be shown on channel 5 with no one turning a hair (especially a pubic one) and punters have much higher expectations on the action front in todays more liberal climate.

review by woodgnome

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