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Released: 1970s
Director: probably John Fortune
Notes: loop, Color Climax 1343, 8½ mins. Included on Danish Hardcore 101, Color Climax 301 (vhs).
Notes and Reviews

Opens with a brunette (XNK0158) masturbating on a bed, intercut with Tim Blackstone taking pictures of a busty blonde (XNK0549). Back to the brunette - she is now reading the small ads in a copy of The Stage. Presumably she finds an advert placed there by Tim Blackstone along the lines of models wanted as she picks up the phone by the side of the bed. Cut to Tim interrupting his photography session to pick up the phone. His model begins to tease him while he is speaking. He asks the brunette to come round and goes over to the couch to go down on the blonde. A 69 follows. Meanwhile we see the brunette leaving her flat, going into a Tube station and then arriving at the studio where the blonde lets her in, negligée open. The brunette strips off for g/g pictures to be taken and then Tim joins them to make a threesome, cumming over the brunette's pussy.

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