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Released: 2004
Director: John Graham
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Running time: 83 mins.

Freckled blonde Louise Louellen stars with four new girls, introducing them to the gentler side of girl-on-girl fun, in this set-based film. Each of the 20-minute scenes follows the same basic format with Louise taking the lead and the girls following on.

Kneeling on the bed, Louise is dressed in a pink summer dress. Beside her is Rachel in green. The two kiss, Louise slipping Rachel's dress off her shoulders and sinking down to suck her boobs as she slides two fingers into her baggy knickers. Pulling the knickers down, Louise parts Rachel's lips to lap at her juices. Stripped, the pair 69, wriggling as tongues dart and flick over clits. Rachel eases her finger into Louise's bum. Rolling over the girls feast on fanny as they work toys into each other's love boxes and end grinding their pussies together as they share a double-ended dong.

Both Vicky and Louise are naked on the bed at the start of scene 2. Rummaging through a box, they pull out a number of toys. Louise pops a beaded rod up her arse and Vicky counts how many balls she can take. Holding a bright pink vibe, Louise gets Vicky to gently rock her pussy onto the toy. Then with legs open she rubs it over her clit before burying it deep in her pussy. The two are keen to try the strap on. Louise pulls the harness tight into her snatch and sets about pumping Vicky's dripping pussy. With moans and groans the pair climax.

Changing set, the next scene is shot with Tally in a pink bedroom. This is her first film and Louise soon puts her at ease, dropping her white knickers to her knees as they kiss. With Tally's dress off, Louise nibbles at her nipples as her hand explores her furry mound. Lying back, Tally lets Louise lap between her legs, fill her fanny with fingers and suck on her swollen labia. Nervously Tally goes down to eat pussy. Louise smiles as her arse is fingered and the two 69. Reaching for a toy, Louise inches it into Tally's squelching hole, breathing in the scent of her pussy. The pair swap places. Shaking and panting Louise orgasms.

In the final scene Louise and Jade are having their photos taken. As they kiss and rub their bodies together their panties are getting damp. Louise peels off Jade's knickers and shoves two fingers into her wet cunt to investigate. Playing with Jade's boobs makes her nipples stand erect. Louise runs her tongue round them before heading south to suck and slurp on her pussy. The girls 69, Louise inserting a large pink dildo into Jade's pussy and licking off the drips. Going on all fours, Jade jabs a toy in Louise's arse then pops a second into her pussy. She shivers with pleasure.

Louise and the four new girls appeared to be enjoying themselves throughout the film and it's a pity they don't appear to have done much other work. As for the film itself, it's competently shot and edited, though each scene does appear to come to an abrupt halt... and perhaps a little background music would have drowned out the traffic noise... but all in all a pleasant film to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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