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Notes: Amanda Charles Films, WB523
Alternate Titles
  • Licks Lesbian: Passion Juices - Amanda Pickering and Cassandra DVD available AD069
  • Passion Juices 2006 DVD available AD069
Notes and Reviews

vhs review copy provided by amanda charles films - available to buy here

running time: 3 hours

we find ourselves in the flat of a solitary and rather pissed off looking cassandra, just back from a hard days grind at the office. it would seem that cassie needs to unwind and what better way of doing so than an equally hard grind with one's gorgeous, pouting flatmate?

yes, we are about to witness much sucking, licking, fingering, dildoing, and every other form of '-ing' commonly associated with girl-on-girl naughtiness, as amanda rapidly brings the colour back to cassie's pale cheeks - largely by bending her flatmate over and sticking her tongue right between 'em!

the sapphists among you who find themselves somewhat jaded by the chronic choreography of the wham-bam-lick-my-clam, girl-on-girl, porn aerobics currently issuing forth from the states, may find a degree of solace in the more measured pace of this amanda charles release. at three hours in length, the viewer is afforded sufficient time for considered delectation of the performers who likewise benefit from having the space to progressively warm to the job at hand (or, more accurately, fingers). consequently, to this reviewer's eye the action does seem proportionately less mechanical than much of the lesbian oeuvre that hurriedly plops off the sex industry assembly line.

of course, the quality of the end product still depends in large measure upon the chemistry generated between the actresses and on this score i was more than satisfied. the sylph-like physique of ms. pickering is a definite plus and cassandra, although lacking a bit of animation at times, was fine once she lost her strop.

highlight: amanda ably demonstrating the fundamentals of fundament fun when giving cassie's backside a lengthy and appreciative tonguing.

review by woodgnome

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