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Released: 2002
Notes and Reviews

Stars Rachel Sykes as Kali Sykes, Jan Burton as Saskia, Morrigan_Hel and Violet Storm.

First Scene: Jan has gone to a flat to meet Morrigan, but meets Rachel Sykes. They start kissing and quickly take their clothes off !! to reveal two great looking bodies. The action then quickly moves on to the usual lesbian sequence of mutual masturbation, pussy licking etc., until they both reach orgasm.

Second Scene: Morrigan enters the flat to find Rachel sitting on the sofa waiting for her. She accuses Rachel of trying out Jan in spite of being told not to. She then pulls down Rachel's top to reveal a fine pair of breasts with great nipples and then fondles her pussy accusing her of being "sopping wet". Again clothes are quickly removed and the action follows the same sequence as the first scene, except that they use a double ended dildo on each other to great effect!!

Third Scene: Starts with Rachel lying on a pillow furiously masturbating, calling for Morrigan, unaware that Violet is standing behind her with a fearsome looking clear dildo. Violet then makes it clear to Rachel that she is there to give her a good seeing to. She starts by masturbating Rachel vigorously and the first part of the scene ends with Violet inserting the dildo up Rachel's anus which she seems to enjoy a lot!!

Morrigan and Jan then enter the room to carry on the fun with Violet, while Rachel is banished to the side and told that she cannot take part in the extremely horny three-way lesbian action that then takes place, the highlight being when Violet uses a strap-on to give Jan a good seeing to!! At the end Rachel is finally allowed to join in the fun and all 4 have great orgasms together.

This is the first film that I have bought from www.strictlyfilms.com and I have to say that not only was the film top quality, but the price and fact that it took only seven days to arrive, makes it likely that I will be buying more films from this company.

Review by Pervert

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