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Released: 2002
Notes: Slik
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Lubed 3 is the third in the series of single-girl masturbation videos from the maker of One Eyed Jack. This one features half the cast of "Backdoor Raiders" and was probably made at around the same time. As with previous editions, the video version has three scenes, the DVD four:

Scene one features Linda [2], who has one of the cheekiest smiles in Brit-porn. She is posing in a totally white kitchen in which the only things that stand out are her and a box of corn-flakes. The lucky camera-guy gets to unbuckle Linda's top and fondle her tits. Linda then plays with her pussy and uses a red vibe. Stripping off completely, she lubes up and DP's herself to climax with two toys.

Scene two is Hannah Harper relaxing on the sofa. There is quite a long, teasing striptease before the toys are brought out, with Hannah exploiting her "nice girl" looks. Scene ends with some more anal play and a few gaping-asshole shots. Floorboard creaking as the cameraman moves around is a minor annoyance, but top performance from Hannah here.

Scene three. "Miss Scarlet, in the Kitchen, with the Revolver." Well actually, it's Amanda (White) in a tight red dress, masturbating with a battery-powered vibrator that is pistol shaped - the trigger being the speed control. Amanda is a welcome change of look from the typical petite, bottle-blonde porn-star. She has a gap between her teeth that gives her a very endearing smile and a massive, flexible pair of breasts. The cameraman breathes heavily during this scene... and who can blame him!

The DVD-only scene contains Lianne Young (as Billie) in the kitchen, wearing a different tight red dress and sporting a black hairstyle. She lubes up, inserts as many fingers into her arse and pussy as censors would permit and masturbates with a big black dildo. Meanwhile her dirty talk is slutty, creative, occasionally funny and totally shameless. Top quality!

Lubed 3 is probably the best of the series so far... but get the DVD version for Lianne's performance.

Review by Mr Anon

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