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Released: 2002
Notes and Reviews

Shot in London and Spain by the same team from Sin City that produced the A Train 2. Both performers and locations are shared - notably the orange sofa on which Bev Cocks gets a pounding in A Train.

The video also boasts the appearance of Dave Courtney, real life villain and, these days, tv star and best-selling author.

The programme starts with Dave explaining that he is a hard bastard who owns the Aquarium disco/club which is also a posh knocking shop. Cue for scene with Bev Cocks taking on Justin; conventional sex on a chaise-longe including reverse cowgirl anal and facial. A top performance by Bev from a real pro.

Back at Dave's house (which could indeed be his very own SE London gaff, because it has large portraits of the man himself hanging on the wall!) Cheyne Collins has arrived for a job interview. Dave sits at a large desk which has a selection of shooters on it. Dave explains he's in the firearms import/export business but a deal with the Spaniard Hector (played by Steve Hooper) has gone pear-shaped - Cheyne must go to Spain to retrieve a diamond the size of an egg. But first Cheyne must pass the interview, which consists of shagging Sascha and Mischa, the Sin Twins. Cheyne starts off with Sascha lying across the desk while Mischa wanks herself sitting in a chair and DC watches. Sascha then sits on the desk while Mischa is fucked doggy. After a cum shot over both pairs of tits Cheyne gets the job.

The narrative awkwardly shifts to Dave, still talking to camera but now addressing an absent Cheyne. Dave wants to know what's going on. Jay (one of the barmen in Student House 3) beats Cheyne to the favours of Amber Angel, and a straightforward sex scene ensues on the orange sofa. Cheyne moves to Spain looking for the diamond, but he's still too easily distracted as he takes Sarah Daykin to the beach. The pair screw on the sand amidst crashing waves, but the metaphors aren't needed as we see in detail what's going on. After sex in several positions Cheyne cums over Sarah's pussy.

Pulling himself together, Cheyne goes to the Spanish Villa to steal the diamond from the safe. Glancing out of the window he watches Steve Hooper by the pool with Mischa & Sascha. A threesome ensues ending with cumshot over tits.

Cheyne leaves, but is presumably apprehended as in the final scene he's back in London with Dave who's threatening him. The dialogue, such as it is, suggests scenes that we haven't seen and strongly suggests a sequel is in the pipeline. The End.

Great to see britporn with a storyline. Unfortunately, apart from Mischa & Sascha, the girls aren't integrated into the storyline so the sex episodes are just bolted-on leaving the usual gonzo-dialogue of fuck-me, yes, oooh throughout.

The DVD also provides lots of informative out-takes, including Steve Hooper preparing to pop and Cheyne explaining that he hates having his bum felt, tricky for a porn actor I would have thought.

Review by Bayleaf

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