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Released: 2002
Director: Fabien Lafait
Notes: Lucy Video
Notes and Reviews

This is an October 2002 production that features Melissa Walker, Teoni, Bev Cocks and the lovely Sandie Caine. Studs in this film are Jay Scarman and Kevin Long. Shot on location in Kent.

This gem of a video was given to me by a regular poster on the forum, and I am forever in his debt, so take a bow ... you know who you are.

The first scene features a very flustered Sandie in her kitchen searching for chilli sauce to make the dinner with. She looks sensational in high-heeled shoes and very sexy knickers and bra, covered with an apron. Jay turns up to his nice house in his battered F-reg Orion, and waltzes in to a bollocking from Sandie for losing her chilli sauce. The sauce is found and a deal is made where Sandie will cook IF he stays out of HER kitchen. Both agree and Sandie orders Jay to get his cock out, which he is only too happy to oblige.

Sandie is on it in a flash and proceeds to give Jay an amazing blow job, heavy slurping coupled with lots of saliva make this VERY convincing. Jay does well to hold back at this point. Jay hoists Sandie on to the kitchen work surface and pulls her pants aside to reveal a very neatly trimmed bush and helps himself to something 'else' to eat instead. Again, very convincing moans from Sandie, as Jay bends her over and munches and rims her.

Next up is a trouser-arouser session of first-rate shagging from Jay and Sandie. Still bent over, Jay slips his wanger into Sandie's, by now, soaking pussy. Next up is some cowgirl with lots of bum clutching before Sandie asks for it in her arse. We are treated to some great shots of Sandie in reverse cowgirl getting her poop chute pummelled. Jay has another stab with Sandie in missionary position (still anal) before a nice blowie from Sandie finishes off Jay. She carries on wanking him to ensure he is totally drained.

Scene two features the buxom Teoni, as room service hostess, bringing Kevin Long's breakfast tray to him, he is asleep and Teoni wakes him and checks on his morning glory, which excites her enough to give herself a quick feel. Kev is so impressed with Teoni's tits that he ignores his breakfast, hoping to have a bite of her delights instead. Some tit sucking and stroking her cat follows before she lays him down for a blow job. Kev is quite a big lad, and Teoni has some difficulty taking any more than 3", but has a damn good go nevertheless. Great camera angles make this a good viewing instead of the normal one-dimensional view of a blowjob. Teoni gets on top in the cowgirl position for some routine shagging and both make the best of the situation, but this gets better with some reverse cowgirl and deep penetration with lots of titty bouncing. Missionary next up and Kev takes a liberty with some anal, and is quite proud of his work - enough to let the camera zoom in on Teoni's gaping arsehole. Some arse-to-pussy-to-arse shagging before Kev whips his out and unloads over Teoni's tummy and tits. Whilst this is good, I got the impression they were not totally comfortable with each other resulting in standard, but good for the viewer, shagging.

We are then treated to some scenic views of coastal Kent, which leads to Jay Scarman introducing Melissa Walker, which is our next scene.

Melissa is in a nice blue outfit (which is good for a Chelsea fan), soon discarded to reveal sexy white bra and pants. Jay has a nice feel of her and whips out his old fella for Melissa to treat him to a blowjob-cum-tit-wank. This has the desired effect and Melissa uses Jay's now raging hard-on to make her nipples erect. Great muff diving scene with Melissa on Jay's face whilst he slurps at her honey pot, but this must hurt his nose as the next muff diving scene is the standard on her back shot. Jay is up Melissa quicker than a rat up a drainpipe. Reverse cowgirl sex, some doggie and Jay has to finish himself off aided by a top-notch blowie from Melissa as Jay lets rip over her tits. No anal in this scene, but still a worthy inclusion.

Finally, Bev Cocks as the maid complete with the 'traditional' French outfit. Her entrance is spectacular as her black-stockinged legs step slowly down the stairs as she polishes the banister. Kev is the stud again, and is turned on enough to ask her to give his 'best mate' a French polish. Bev is persuaded to sit and play with Kev's boner and soon has it in her mouth and flicks her bean at the same time. Kev has a quick taste of Bev and whips off her black silky pants and sits back down. Bev knows the score and climbs over him and we are treated to some top-drawer reverse cowgirl sex where Bev rides him like a good 'un. He carries on side on with Bev with some wet kisses, followed by great doggie action. Missionary is next and some brief anal before Bev treats him to a nice tit-wank as he unleashes a torrent over her great boobs.

Overall, a brilliant video, with top-notch models, great limited dialogue and the camera work was the best I have seen in some time. This is recommended to anybody who loves their British pornstars.

The background music must be mentioned here, as it was superb. No sleazy 70's saxophone music or that dreaded Eddie Van Halen screaming guitar crap, but some contemporary lounge music which is great to have on without wondering if your nosey neighbours are listening in.

Review by Ace

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