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Released: 2002
Director: Corey Jordan
Notes: Anarchy Films
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Running time: 92 mins.

This is the first in a series of London Shagger films starring the blonde Belarus twins Sasha and Misha. In their first shagathon in the capital they are joined by Amber Sex, Sheena and Chloe under the direction of Corey Jordan.

The film starts with the twins, in white cropped tops, plaid skirts and white knickers, practicing their English which is limited to 'Suck my cunt', 'Where's your cock' and 'Fuck me please'. It's then off to a photo studio, but the twins appeared to be more interested in the equipment between the photographer's legs than the camera and it doesn't take long for the girls to get his cock in their mouths. The guy fingers and licks the girls getting them nice and wet and ready for action. Misha is the first to take the man meat in her pussy whilst twin Sasha watches and rubs hers. When Sasha has her turn in riding the cock Misha plants her pussy in the guy's face for a good licking. The girls each have a second go on the cock before their faces are eventually exposed to the cameraman's cum.

South London girl Amber Sex is in scene 2 wearing black bra and panties, but if you blink you'll miss them as Amber quickly strips so she can play with her pussy. She is joined by Justin who takes over the digital duties and manages to work his tongue over Amber's clit, she responds by sucking hard on his cock and then taking his balls in her mouth. Amber lies down to be taken missionary style and then pulls her legs past her head so she can take the cock deeper into her pussy. After tasting her own juices from Justin's dick, Amber is done cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl. All the excitement is too much for Justin and he pops his load in Amber's pussy.

Sheena, in a black top, gold skirt and thigh length black boots, is playing with herself when Jay enters and she soon has his cock deep in her mouth. Jay probes her pussy with his tongue and two fingers before sliding his full length into Sheena, but pussy pounding is not enough for her; she wants her arse filled with cock. As Jay bangs away on her bum Sheena fingers her clit then cries she wants a wee. The action resumes with Sheena taking more mouthfuls of cock then sliding it deep in her bum reverse cowgirl. The scene ends with Sheena wanking off Jay into her mouth.

Scene 4 is shot in an empty room where Chloe, dressed in a black skirt, white school blouse and tie, is sitting on a gas fire playing with her large breasts and rubbing her pussy. Jay joins in to help Chloe, giving her pussy lips a good long suck whilst she works on his cock. Ready for action, the two hump away on the bare boards. Half way through Chloe moves from the bottom to the top allowing her breasts to bounce in Jay's face. More cock sucking follows then Chloe eases Jay's cock back into her pussy to be taken reverse cowgirl. The scene ends with Chloe shouting for spunk in her mouth. Jay obliges.

The final scene sees the twins identically dressed in white blouses and short red skirts. Sasha announces her new boyfriend is coming to see her but he doesn't know she's a twin. Guess what happens ... Sasha hides and boyfriend Mark turns up thinking Misha is his girl. Only after he has given her pussy a good licking does Sasha come out from hiding. What can he do? Shag them both is the answer and to prove there is no hard feelings between the twins Sasha allows Misha to fill her mouth with Mark's cum at the end of the scene.

This is probably the best of the London Shaggers series. Sasha and Misha are fresh and the supporting girls put in good performances. The only slight criticism is that there are only three guys and Amber didn't get her promised facial. On the whole a well shot and directed film and well worth a watch.

Review by Dawn 'Hot Totty' Birtle

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