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Released: 2002
Notes: Slik
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Lubed 5 is the fifth film of the immensely popular series of solo girls masturbating while drenched in lube. Because Lubed 5 is subtitled "Assficianados" it suggests that all of the scenes have some sort of anal penetration, and this is the case. Like the previous four Lubed films, there is a bonus scene that is exclusive to the DVD.

Scene 1 (Michelle Thorne - 26 minutes)

At long last, Michelle Thorne stars in a Lubed film. She is in a kitchen wearing heels and a sexy short black dress that has leopard-skin cups and her "arsenal" of dildos and the bottle of lube can be seen on the fridge. There is a bit of teasing with some of Michelle's trademark dirty talk, then she takes off the dress revealing some very sexy black underwear. She removes the bra and plays with her breasts. She then pulls her panties to the side and fingers herself. She sucks on an enormous 12-inch dildo and then she removes her panties and sits on the work surface giving a great view of all her assets. She lubes her pussy and takes a pink vibrator and teases herself with it before she inserts it. Michelle is now on the floor and now she lubes her boobs and body and the lube drips right down to her pussy (very nice) and she uses the pink vibrator again while sucking the 12-inch dildo which is now stuck to the cupboard door. She starts to finger her arse with two fingers and then inserts a beaded dildo in her arse briefly before she changes over to the pink vibrator which she easily puts in to her arse. She goes back to fingering her arse and then puts the vibrator back in while fingering her pussy. Soon her fingers and the vibrator swap holes, then she puts the dildo back in her arse and rubs her clit to climax. Michelle then spreads her holes and goes upstairs ending the scene. This scene was very hot and fans of Michelle will love it.

Scene 2 (Aisha - 27 minutes)

Aisha is an Eastern-European starlet and she is in what appears to be a hotel bedroom. Aisha is dressed in bed clothes and she is sitting on the dressing table opposite a mirror (which features prominently throughout this scene as you can see two views of Aisha). She starts to suck on a 12-inch dildo (the same kind as the one Michelle used in the first scene), then she takes off her top and lubes her breasts then removes the panty part of her bed clothes and lubes her pussy. She teases her self with the 12-inch dildo and shallowly inserts it, then she lubes her buttocks and body again and inserts a ribbed dildo and uses it briefly before she takes a blue flex vibrator again on her pussy. She then sits on the 12-inch dildo and goes about halfway down on it for a little while before she goes on her knees (facing away from the camera) in the chair and uses the ribbed dildo on herself while she sucks the 12-inch dildo. Then she inserts the ribbed dildo in to her arse (but not deeply). Aisha then puts it into her pussy while fingering her arse. She pulls out the dildo and licks it and the scene ends. This was a rather good performance from Aisha (the first I've seen her in), but it is not as good a scene as Michelle's.

Scene 3 (Samy [Sarah Wright] - 21 minutes)

This is the first outdoor scene (I think) in the Lubed series. Sarah Wright (cast as Samy in the film) comes out of a house in the countryside and goes in to the back of an off-roader. She almost immediately gets to work and she takes off her top and starts playing with her breasts. She rubs her pussy through her jeans shorts and she takes them off promptly so she is down to wearing just a nice red thong and her mules. She sits in the boot of the off-roader and puts her legs up in the air and pulls her panties down (or up, depending on your perspective) to her ankles and she rubs her pussy. Sarah then takes off her panties altogether and she goes on her knees (facing away from the camera) and rubs her crevice and fingers her arse and says that she is really turned on when she is being fucked up the arse. She then licks her fingers A2M and says that "it tastes good". She sits in the boot again and lubes herself up and fingers herself again, this time in both holes at the same time, then she picks up a blue flex vibrator (the same type as the one Aisha used in the previous scene) and surprisingly she inserts it into her arse first, not her pussy, and it goes in effortlessly while rubbing her pussy. Sarah then switches over to using a small pink buttplug and inserts it into her arse and she pumps away with it. Not content with either of those two toys, she picks up a vibrator very similar to the Rampant-Rabbit (RR) and inserts it into her pussy briefly before she goes on her knees (facing away from the camera again) and she inserts the RR vibrator into her pussy again and uses the buttplug in her arse for a dildo DP. She says that she hopes that the viewer is enjoying it because she is and she continues to pump both her holes easily with both dildos. She is now back sitting in the boot of the off-roader and she is just using the RR while she lubes herself even more. The amount of lube she uses gives new meaning to the phrase "too much lube is almost enough". She pumps hard away with the RR then she says that she loves a DP so she inserts the buttplug into her arse again for a second dildo DP and pumps both holes until she climaxes. After her climax, Sarah puts down the toys and rubs her pussy, then she blows a kiss to the camera and goes back in to the house. The camera goes back to the boot of the off-roader and shows that the RR vibrator is still on. This scene is arguably the best one as Sarah gives the most energetic performance and variation in this scene. To be honest, I was surprised that Sarah out-staged the more experienced Michelle Thorne. The novelty of an outdoor performance is a very welcome novelty too and I look forward to seeing more in future Lubed films.

Bonus Scene 4 (Jirina - 34 minutes)

Jirina walks down the stairs on to a sofa and gives a nice strip tease before getting down and dirty. When she is fully naked she rubs her body, spreads her pussy nicely and fingers both holes. She takes a gold dildo and sucks it while fingering herself before she inserts it. After using her gold dildo, she lubes her breasts first then her whole body. She giggles a bit when she lubes her pussy, probably because the lube feels cold. She lubes her arse and then fingers it and after fingering her arse, she inserts a green vibrator into her arse which soon follows with the gold dildo in her pussy for a dildo DP which she does first on her knees (facing away from the camera) and then on her back. After using her dildos, Jirina rubs her breasts and pussy to climax and uses both dildos again (but not in a DP) and the scene soon ends. This bonus scene is quite good, but despite being significantly longer than any of the other scenes, Jirina didn't really take advantage of the extra few minutes for more varied action and it is probably the least best scene (I won't say worst scene because none of the scenes are bad).

Extras include: a 99-photo slideshow of the four girls, a 20-photo slideshow of US/US-based pornstars, 5 trailers, a full-length trailer for Lubed 5 and contact address.

Lubed 5 is probably the best of the Lubed films so far and I look forward very much to Lubed 6 with Tamara Noon.

Review by D-Man

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