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Released: 2003
Notes and Reviews

Does exactly what it says on the tin, five babes shagging for England. There's no real introduction to the scenes, just an arty sequence of the girl swaying about then a name check to camera and the action begins.

Angel-Long is first, in man-eater mode, as she takes on Frazer and Guy. Angel wears a pair of pvc trousers with a 100% zip access which stay on with a leg around each ankle even when she gets vigourously dp'd in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. Angel then gets a double facial from the guys.

Alyssa Jenkins introduces herself before she is joined by Ian Tate. Alyssa is a relative newcomer but doing a lot of stuff at the moment. She's had a fairly substantial boob job which does look odd in some positions, but now her bra size matches her libido so the sex is hard and noisy. Anal starts in doggy position and finishes in reverse cowgirl with lots of cock-sucking in between. The final reverse cowgirl/anal is a real treat with Alyssa's pink bits still wide open from Ian's earlier pounding. Scene ends with a good facial.

Angel sounds Eastern European as she invites us to watch her get fucked by the indefatigable Ian Tate. This is a shorter scene which ends with Ian coming over Angel's pussy as he pulls out of a reverse cowgirl.

In contrast to the slim, pert-boobed Angel, Cheryl is a full-bodied English rose, big and small in all the right places (this fulsome description is given since her picture has been removed from the site). With dark hair, big natural boobs, slim waist, creamy complexion and a dirty attitude, I hope she stays in the business for some time. The action with a relatively new guy, credited as Mark who I have seen in Sexpose as Digby, is top class with another vocal performance from Cheryl. No anal, but the scene finishes with Cheryl wanking her man to climax and a slightly disappointing facial.

Russian twins Sascha and Mischa are in matching bikinis by the pool when an unbelievably lucky Tony James drops by. The girls are "incredibly horny" so take him off to a bedroom for sex. To start with Tony can only lie back and provide a tool for both girls to ride on. Later he recovers to provide some missionary action as the girls lie side by side, which is how the scene ends with a cumshot over both girls' bellies. Watching twin sisters being fucked side by side is very arousing but there is (understandably) no sexual interaction between the girls as each watches passively her sister in action, but that doesn't stop us wishing for some genuine incestual stuff does it?

Clear, hard porn from our American cousins using our best talent, shows what can be done when you leave Dick Nasty and Guy da Silva at home.

Review by Bayleaf

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