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Released: 2003
Director: John Mason
Notes: Slik
Alternate Titles
  • Lubed Girls Vacation: A Backdoor Bonanza!
Notes and Reviews

Running Time: 87 minutes (approx).

Theme: This is the second of the "Lubed Girls" series of films - the girl/girl adaptation of the immensely popular "Lubed" series of solo girls using excessive amounts of lube whilst using sex toys on themselves. This Lubed Girls film was filmed on location in the Seychelles and there are three 30-minute scenes of girl/girl action using plenty of lube and dildos and the box cover promises anal and DP action in all of the scenes.

Scene 1: Jirina & Sandie. The camera is following Jirina and Sandie as they walk back to their room and there is a good view as they are both wearing thong bikinis. When they are in their room they touch each other up and there is some giggling from both girls. Then they strip and take turns in licking each other's pussies and nipples. Sandie gets lubed up and takes a double-ended dildo in the pussy from Jirina. Sandie is pretty aroused as her clitoris is sticking out slightly. They swap roles; so Jirina takes on the double-ended dildo and soon both are taking advantage of both ends. Next Jirina lubes Sandie's arse and inserts a buttplug and pumps it almost immediately, then Sandie uses the double-ended dildo on herself to give Sandie's dildo DP. After a little while, Sandie returns the favour to Jirina by lubing her arse and inserting a green dildo into it. She starts pumping shallowly but then pumps it more deeply, then Jirina takes over with the green dildo while Sandie uses the double-ended dildo on her giving Jirina's dildo DP, effectively ending the scene.

Scene 2: Sandie & Teoni. Sandie and Teoni walk away from the beach to their room and the camera follows them from behind as well, but the "view" isn't as good this time since both girls are wearing beach towels around their waists. Back in their room, both girls remove their beach towels and lay towels on the bed and they strip partially and lick each other's nipples. There is almost no giggling in this scene and it is so quiet that you can hear birdsong outside (although the birdsong is rather loud). Soon they are both fully naked and giving each other oral sex. Next they are lubing each other and fingering each other. Not long after the fingering they are both using dildos on each other and buttplugs and it is not too long after that when they both have dildo DP. This scene isn't as much fun to watch as the first to be honest.

Scene 3: Jirina & Teoni. Jirina and Teoni are both lying on sunbeds wearing thong bikinis and having a conversation. Soon they go to their room (and have a little trouble opening the door). Once inside they lay their towels on the bed and there is a lot of giggling (and the giggling carries on throughout the scene) as they take the top sections of their bikinis off. Jirina proceeds to take off Teoni's thong and kisses from her breasts down to her pussy and licks it. Soon Jirina uses a lilac dildo on Teoni (on all fours) while literally kissing her arse and gives a P2M on the dildo. Soon they swap roles and Teoni takes out a dildo that Jirina calls "Frankie" and lubes it and uses it on Jirina while licking her pussy. After nearly 12 minutes Jirina lubes Teoni up and uses the same lilac dildo on her rather vigorously. Next Jirina uses "Frankie" on herself while Teoni lubes and spanks Jirina's arse and soon Jirina uses a buttplug on herself followed by Teoni using "Frankie" on her for a dildo DP. Next Jirina is using a green dildo in Teoni's arse (which goes in her arse with little resistance) and that is soon followed by the lilac dildo for Teoni's dildo DP. The two girls then hug and say goodbye.

The extras include scene selection, a 97-photo slideshow of the film, 5 trailers (including the trailer for "Lubed Girls") and a contact address.

In conclusion, Lubed Girls Vacation is fairly good, but the scenes are very predictable as they have the same things happening in each one and this is not helped by the fact that the same three girls appear twice. Even though there is no bonus scene like the Lubed (solo girls) films, the longer scenes make up for this slightly.

Review by D-Man

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