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Released: 2003
Notes and Reviews

This film apprears to follow the same format as others in the series, with each scene starting with the girl doing a short swaying dance, shot in soft focus, before she introduces herself and gets down to business.

Angel [5] kicks things off. This tall slim blonde and her fella have 30 mins to themselves in the bedroom whilst her parents are out. Initially in a short pink skirt and white bra and pants, these are gradually removed as a leisurely oral begins, first of all on Angel, then she gives head. Angel is shaven apart form a short 'landing strip' and we get to see some great close ups of her large labia as she's fingered. The natural lighting and the birdsong in the background make this part very relaxed. With her bra finally removed to show her small breasts with erect nipples, Angel straddles her man and slides easily onto him in reverse cow-girl. The pace soon picks up and after a breather for a couple of blow jobs, we move on to doggy. Some nice close up gaping shots here before energetic spoon takes Angel to orgasm. Her expression, cries and flushed appearence suggest this isn't faked. The scene suddenly (and awkwardly) jumps to Angel taking the guy's cum in her mouth.

Slightly chubby and fair freckly skinned Emma is feeling horny. We find this strawberry blonde lying on her bed in a denim skirt and a blouse, her white panties moved aside playing with her shaven pussy. Shaun arrives and asks why she didn't wait for him! He duly obliges with some fingering and oral. Emma sucks Shaun before telling him that she wants him to fuck her. The action cuts straight to missionary with some good close ups. Shaun is sucked again before cow-girl. Emma has lovely flowing breasts, with large dark nipples, which bounce magnificently here and in the following reverse cow-girl before she orgasms. Again realistic as her face and neck redden. Whilst in spoons, they agree that Shaun should cum inside her, and he dutifully does. Emma lifts herself round to reverse cow-girl, and lets Shaun's spunk gush out as she raises off him. Not to waste the stuff, Emma licks him clean. I get the impression these two are a real couple.

Heavily accented brunette Kat Varga is snagging a stud on a bed. As her clothing starts to come off his mate joins in. They're in a sparce room with white painted brick walls, possibly a castle of some sorts as there's a gothic type window and a heraldic shield over the bed. Kat is slim with nice firm looking boobs who likes to suck cock as she has her fleshy pussy fingered and licked. Having sucked two cocks at once, she takes one in missionary whilst still giving the other her oral attentions, before the boys swap over, this time to doggy. Kat decides she wants to be fucked up the arse, and her wish is granted reverse cow-girl style, with some good close up and full body shots, before A2M. Back in reverse cow-girl she's served with a dose of double penetration, her cries echoing about the room. DP continues cow-girl before one of the studs gives her a facial. With spunk still on her chin she takes the other for a brief rcg, ending with him cumming on her bush.

Paige and her bloke are on their bed. He suggests they try anal. She's not so sure as she's never done it before ... yeh, right. Bit of oral by each before Paige removes her very fetching purple body then straight to missionary. This doesn't last long before before she takes it up the arse doggy and reverse cow-girl. She looks a little uncomforrtable, but does do a2m, and goes back for more in rcg. Takes a facial to finish. This bloke has a large glans and she has difficulty in taking it into her mouth! Paige is pretty with a nice figure. Shame about the implant scars.

Sasha and Misha have the hots for Tony, their next door neighbour. Dressed in shorts and t-shirts, they invite him round and away we go!! They undress and suck him in turn before undressing themselves. (Although they're identical twins, Sasha has a mole/birthmark in her right armpit). Tony fingers and licks them both as they lean over the sofa before starting on Misha in doggy then rcg. Sasha gets missionary before they share Tony's spunk on their chests. Fine looking girls with superb figures, great boobs and shaven.

A great film, the DVD having an extra scene of the twins on a brown sofa with Mark Sloane from London Shaggers 1.

Review by Sid (the Cynic)

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