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Released: 2003
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish / Tongue in Cheek
Alternate Titles
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Notes and Reviews

130 minutes. Review copy courtesy of Relish.

Bayleaf's view:

This programme is a series of entirely separate scenes on the theme of lessons. Each scene is introduced by a short female voice-over.

Aerobics instructor Lucy Law is putting a group of familiar faces through their paces at her fitness studio. She keeps Rebecca Jordan, Mark Sloane and Demetri behind after class for an extra workout - a sexual workout that is. The four are soon stripped off (although the girls keep their trainers on throughout) and the action takes place on a raised podium. Partners are swapped and there is good interaction between the girls. Surprisingly Demetri pops his load half way through, over Rebecca, but recovers enough to complete the scene, which ends with the boys spraying over the girls' bellies.

Pete Le Meat, in full gown and mortar board, is giving Taylor Morgan a lesson in theoretical photography. Taylor is making obscene doodles in her notebook, which become real when Pete sees them and Taylor grabs him. Taylor looks gorgeous with pigtails, blouse and short skirt which, along with Pete's gown and hat, are kept on throughout the action to remind us that this is teacher and pupil. The scene includes anal and concludes with an enthusiastic facial. The props are antique and the whole scene given a dreamlike feel by being shot in a large white studio and using dry ice so we are left wondering whether everything happened in Taylor's head.

Bonnie is off to see Mr Croque-Monsieur, her French tutor played by Jay Scarman. Bonnie has been asked to bring some typically French items, but rather than vin and fromage she has scarf, beret and hotpants plus a French tickler and French letters! When Bonnie changes into her French micro-costume her teacher gets the message and the pair have sex on the couch. The action includes anal and finishes with a generous cum shot over Bonnie's tits.

Angel-Long and Petra (not sure if British as she doesn't speak much) are art students off to a male life class. Lee Henshaw is the model and the girls are the only artists. They begin to tease their model by flashing their knickers and continue by fondling each other and stripping themselves. Lee soon becomes aroused and joins them for a threesome on the couch which includes anal and A2M for Angel only. Lee climaxes over both girls' faces and they exchange fluids.

Candice has to give Chloe a lesson in etiquette. The etiquette here is how to take a strap on dildo up the fanny. This is a conventional gg scene enhanced by two attractive and sexy girls in black stockings going at it.

This is another fine effort from Relish with top quality performers shot by a crew that knows how to light, shoot and edit a scene. The addition of well scripted voice-over introductions is a treat.

An alternative view from BFU:

Scene 1 - The Gym Class, 21 mins.

Lucy. her brunette hair tied in a pony tail, in a multi-slashed light blue top and blue shorts; a bushy, wide 'Brazilian'. Blonde haired RJ - also with a pony tail, in cerise shorts and a cropped white vest; completely shaven.

Lucy, the gym instructor, has brief fantasies during her class and keeps back three of her class for an extra session. Pairing off (RJ with PK), the girls kneel to give BJ's, RJ not using her hands and just in shorts. All now naked, the girls on all fours, facing each other, are fucked doggie style. They change to rev.cowgirl, and PK soon cums. They swap partners, still r.c/g and then swap again. Another change, Lucy again with Demetri, both pairs in missionary, their legs held back to their chests. Both boys withdraw and cum over the girls' stomachs.

Scene 2 - A Schoolroom, 23 mins.

A plain white 'room', with an old style school desk with a combined seat, a table and a blackboard and easel. Bad girl Taylor (Taylor Morgan) is off to her 4th detention of the week, but still gets top marks - How? Taylor is in a white shirt, B&W plaid mini skirt and white g-string, short white socks with white platform shoes; her blonde hair is in two bunches, a sparse triangle of pubic hair and large, soft, natural breasts. Her teacher (Mr Cleever-Dix) is in a black suit, shirt and tie, complimented by an academic gown and cap.

Seated at the desk, Taylor daydreams and produces porno doodles. Pete comes over to see what she is doing, she pulls him to herself and kisses him. Next she is leaning over the desk, his trousers and pants down, as she gives him a BJ and combined hand job. There is a brief 'up skirt' shot. They move to the table, over which she leans. He lifts her skirt, kisses her buttocks as he pulls her g-string down to her knees. There is some brief arse rimming and then finger fucking, then fingering of her arse, with Taylor kneeling on the table. He now only has the gown and cap on, and after some frigging of her cunt, the gown vanishes; he now fucks her from behind.

Taylor, her shirt off, her breasts hanging out of her bra, is standing leant over the desk, being fucked. She pulls her arse cheeks apart. Laid back on the desk he continues to fuck her. Now bent over the desk he fucks her arse, then fingers it, while he wanks himself, before fucking her arse again - her on one leg, the other raised up in the air and her frigging herself. She then squats and wanks him into her mouth; he then wanks till he gives her a 'facial'.

Pete le Meat [sic] looks and sounds too much like 'David Brent' ('The Office').

Scene 3 - Milly's French Lesson, 30 mins.

Blonde Milly (Bonnie Heart) arrives for her French lesson with M. Crock-monsieur. She wears a beige hat, a turtleneck, sleeveless top with denim shorts and trainers; she has small very pert tits and is completely shaven. He sits on a sofa.

Milly shows him the French items she has brought with her - as requested - which include a beret; red, white and blue top; a scarf; a French tickler and a pack of French letters - not quite what he was expecting. She then goes out and returns wearing the beret, scarf, top and some white shorts. She squats on his lap, with his shirt undone, she kisses down his body and as his trousers and pants are down, she is soon giving his cock and balls a sound licking and a BJ.

She stands and takes her shorts off and we see she is naked underneath. She sits on the back of the sofa and her tutor uses his tongue and fingers on her pink wet pussy. As she lifts her top, so he starts to suck her nipples, and once off, he fingers her pussy again. She then kneels on the sofa and he fucks her doggie style, while she helps by frigging herself. She briefly sucks him [C2M], and then back to doggie and he works on her nipples as well. He sits for a r.c/g. As it's a French lesson, she uses her language skills and says she wants him to put his cock in her 'derriere', which he is pleased to do, still in a r.c/g - this time anal. They continue the arse fucking but this time in a spoons position on the sofa. Soon she tells him to cum over her breasts, so he stands and ejaculates over her.

Scene 4 - The Male Nude Art Class, 30 mins.

Angel - a tall slim small pert breasted blonde, with a completely shaven pussy. Petra, another pert breasted blonde, but with a 'Brazilian'. Both girls wear mini-skirts, with string strapped tops, and g-string panties. James is naked from the start.

A middle aged blonde talks to James about the class and last week's lesson. When the two girls arrive, she soon leaves, and the class begins. The girls soon abandon the drawing and are stroking each other with their pencils. Petra's top is soon down, as they kiss and stroke each other, exciting James and he starts wanking. The girls are now kissing, wanking and licking each other. They go to James and after some kissing they both play with his cock. Angel kneels to give him a BJ and is joined by Petra, taking turns, ending with Petra, as Angel wanks herself through her knickers.

The girls strip, except for Angel's top - it's criminal, as she has one of the best pairs of breasts in the business. Angel kneels on a sofa and while being fucked from behind, Petra sits on the back of the sofa, and frigs herself, as Angel gives her oral. Angel briefly sucks James [C2M], then back to doggie. It's Petra's turn, and he sits so she can fuck in a r.c/g. Several times he withdraws and Angel sucks him and back into Petra. Angel meanwhile, plays with her tits, wanks, and rubs at Petra's pussy. Petra and James move to spoons; Angel wanks and is licked by Petra. Angel kneels and gives a mix of frigging and licking of Petra, and oral to James. Again, Petra gives oral to Angel.

Next, Petra kneels on the sofa with Angel underneath licking and wanking her, as James fucks her, with some C2M - from Petra to Angel. Angel now wants her arse fucked, so kneels on the sofa and is buggered from behind, as she licks and frigs Petra. Angel gets A2M. The girls sit next to each other and receive facials. They kiss, and then clean James' cock, before cum swapping.

Scene 5 - The Sex Lesson, 22 mins.

Chloe, a French girl with shoulder length blonde hair and small pert tits, is Candice's pupil. The main aim of the lesson will be how to give a blow-job. Chloe wears a black sleeveless dress with much of her front on show, black g-string, and black hold-ups; she has a sparse patch of pubic hair above her hood. Candice wears a black suit with a white top, pink/red patterned bra and panties and black hold-ups; her long brunette hair is in a ponytail, her pubis is completely shaved and her hood is pierced with a ring. She has large, very firm, natural breasts.

Candice shows Chloe a strap-on, and describes fellatio to her; Chloe tries and is scolded and told to take her chewing gum out. Candice talks her through her task, instructing her to take more into her mouth. Candice takes a vibrator and rubs Chloe over her panties, and continues to instruct how to lick a cock and balls, then rubs her panties.

Chloe strips Candice down to her bra and panties and they kiss and Candice's bra is removed and she strokes her breasts and nipples. Candice has her panties taken off. Chloe is instructed how to give oral to her tutor, and is told to wank herself. While licking her, Candice fingers her own cunt, then suggests a reversal of stimulation and puts the strap-on on, and sits on the sofa. Chloe then straddles Candice in a r.c/g, as her breasts are caressed; then kneeling on the sofa is fucked from behind. They move to a spoons position, Chloe now without her dress. Chloe cums and the dildo is removed and they kiss.

Relish have released a good number of excellent films recently, most with a story or theme running through them. In other reviews, it has been suggested that in some cases the plot has got in the way of the action. This is not the case here, as each scene is stand alone, but with a teacher/pupil theme. This is one of the best, and will be one of my personal favourites. Especially as I'm a sucker for Rebekah, though she was not allowed to be as spontaneous as she usually is. All the girls are stunning - Candice Paris is one to watch for in the future (also see 'The Lechers Guide'), and the acting from the stable of Relish's performers is steadily improving.

The DVD has a series of trailers for some of their other films and a slide show of stills.

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