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Released: 2003
Notes: Slik
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Cast: Tamara Noon, Nadia, Carley (who also stars in UK Student House 8) and Ashley Long on the bonus, DVD-exclusive scene.

Like the previous five Lubed films, Lubed 6 carries on with solo girls using copious amounts of lube while screwing themselves with dildos and their fingers. Also like the previous five films, the DVD version has a bonus scene that isn't available on the VHS version and Ashley Long is the star of the bonus scene.

Scene 1 - Tamara Noon (25 minutes approx.)

Tamara, looking as gorgeous as ever, walks into a room wearing a white nightie and white knickers. She gives a bit of a dance before she removes her nightie, then she plays with her breasts, sits on a sofa and puts a hand down her knickers and plays with herself briefly. She then pulls them to the side then spreads and fingers her pussy giving a P2M sucking on her fingers.

Next she takes off her knickers and follows by taking a gold dildo and teases herself with it before she lubes the dildo and her pussy up. She inserts the dildo and pumps briefly before she lubes up her breasts and body heavily. Tamara then goes on all fours and goes at it again with the dildo for several minutes while the cameraman lubes her bum in the middle of it. When she is close to climaxing, she goes on her back, applies more lube and carries on pumping herself with the dildo until she climaxes. She looks like she did have an orgasm considering her heavy breathing, her slightly flushed look and her drunk-like movements. The scene ends after her climax. This is a great opening scene and a top performance from Tamara.

Scene 2 - Nadia (31 minutes approx.)

Nadia (wearing rather nice lilac night clothes) gets on to a bed offering to show the "naughty" viewer more of herself. She pulls down her top, tweaks her nipples, then removes her top and says "I generally like mouth action - anywhere on my body". She then pulls her panties to the side and plays with her pussy and her clit hood piercing. After taking off her panties she fingers her arse and follows by fingering her pussy. She lubes her breasts and her pussy then goes on all fours and fingers her pussy again and applies some lube to her arse before she takes an orange penis-shaped vibrator, which she sucks to begin with. Next she inserts the vibrator into her pussy and pumps away briefly before she leaves the vibrator vibrating inside her while she lubes herself heavily. She uses the vibrator on herself and soon says that "something's missing" so she takes a beaded dildo which she inserts into her anus while the cameraman lubes her arse for her and she uses both dildos for a dildo DP. Nadia soon climaxes and says "Now I wanna see YOU cum!" and the scene ends. There is much more fingering and teasing in this scene than is expected in Lubed films, but Nadia's cute, innocent girl looks and her dirty talk make this a very watchable scene.

Scene 3 - Carley (24 minutes approx.)

Carley walks in to a kitchen dressed in a tight top, very short jeans shorts, pornstar heels and plenty of jewellery. She washes her hands in the sink and finds a chrome dildo. She then pulls down her top and sucks the dildo, then she sits spread eagle on the work surface, removes her heels and rubs her pussy through her jeans shorts with the dildo. She stands on the kitchen floor again and takes off her top and her shorts, showing some very nice lace panties. There is some teasing from Carley before she takes off the panties too so she is now only wearing her jewellery. She gets back on the work surface and lubes the dildo before inserting it into her pussy, then she lubes her breasts, body and pussy heavily before she goes back to using the dildo. She squats on the floor with her legs apart and applies more lube and uses the dildo again with very deep penetration and changes position a few times before she picks up a beaded dildo which is soon in her arse and used for a few minutes. She goes back to using the chrome dildo before she kisses goodbye and the scene ends. While this is a good scene, Carley's inexperience compared to Tamara Noon and Nadia is apparent, especially as she doesn't work with the camera as well as either of the two previous girls.

Bonus Scene - Ashley Long (29 minutes approx.)

Ashley starts with a striptease which carries on until she is down to her knickers. She pulls them to the side and fingers herself. Even though she hasn't applied any lube yet, Ashley's pussy is very wet. She then takes an orange carrot-shaped dildo and inserts it effortlessly. There are a few gaping pussy shots with some P2M on the dildo before she lubes her body and her arse. She lubes her pussy through her knickers (which are now a mess) and then removes them. She uses the dildo again in several positions before the dildo is in her arse (no entry shown) while she rubs her pussy. Again there are several position changes with more lube applied and the scene ends with Ashley spreading her well used arse. This scene is typical of Ashley's porn performances - first class - and it shows that she doesn't need a guy (or a girl) to give a great scene.

The extras on the DVD include: a 108-photo slideshow, the full-length trailer for Lubed 6, 5 trailers for other Slik DVDs, a contact address.

Lubed 6 is an excellent addition to an already excellent series of Lubed films. The bonus scene makes the DVD version worth having instead of the VHS and people who don't own a DVD player should seriously consider investing in one considering the bonus footage that is exclusive to DVD versions of Lubed films.

Review by D-Man

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