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Released: 2003
Notes and Reviews

Using the universal dictum, if it ain't broke don't fix it, the London Shaggers team serve up another programme of quality shagging from British girls. Once again Misha and Sasha headline as the Anarchy twins along with some relative newcomers. Each scene is structured along the same lines, i.e. an introduction to camera of varying lengths followed by sex.

The first scene, featuring Paris, appears to be set in a private area of a lapdancing club. The action takes place mainly on the floor with both parties showing genuine sexual excitement, so much so that during the final missionary position the guy pops his load in Paris's pussy. Demonstrating fine professionalism, Paris curls her hand into her pussy extracting what semen she can and licks the fluid off her fingers. Magic.

The next scene, with April, starts with a completely nude interview in the extensive gardens of a private house. April is, however, fully dressed when the action with Guy begins in late afternoon sunshine on the lawn. The pair run through most positions ending with a good facial. From the out-take section it seems this scene was interrupted when Guy breaks off exclaiming 'we're being watched'. Pardon me mate, but I thought that was the bloody point.

In a studio set, Cat introduces herself briefly (much of her interview is in the extensive outtakes of this scene) then gets down to action with Scott Gunn. There is extensive foreplay here which, it transpires, is because Scott can't get wood. So Scott is dumped and the ever hard Simon replaces him. There is a wholly unconvincing attempt to pretend Simon is the returning boyfriend, but this is gonzo porn chaps, you don't need no plot or motivation. After all the foreplay, Cat just wants a good shagging which Simon provides in spades, including a copious facial.

Indoors again, blonde Sky wears a little red dress and black fishnets. The scene starts with Sky and her partner sitting together on the sofa chatting. They talk about the sex to come and this conversation continues throughout the scene. Sky keeps her dress and stockings on as she seems to get increasingly aroused, finally asking for a long period of anal sex. At the end of prolonged anal sex in the doggie position, Sky gets her bum filled with spunk which dribbles out as her partner's cock is withdrawn. The fluid is caught by her hand and greedily licked off her fingers.

The final scene has Misha and Sasha naked in the garden. The director is trying to establish which twin is which but, like many twins, they tease and swap names. (For the record Sasha is the one with a large birthmark in her right armpit). A very lucky lad is introduced and the girls go to work on him at both ends. Misha is the first to mount the lad then he takes Sasha in the missionary, where Misha obligingly holds her sister's legs apart. Unusually condoms are used in this scene which concludes with a double facial.

A very good programme, with a lot of relatively new talent (at the time of release, summer 2003). A good mix of locations and enthusiastic girls make for a good show. Recommended.

Review by Bayleaf

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