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Released: 2003
Director: Martin del Toro
Notes: Anarchy
Alternate Titles
  • Angleterre interdite Dir. given as Mario del Toro DVD available Lucy Video
Notes and Reviews

This episode could be described as London Shaggers 4 part two, with April and the twins in the same locations. There is less of the solo stuff at the start of each scene, with the action starting straight away.

Eden is an American girl who seems to be UK based at the moment. She finds Lee Henshaw alone in a lapdancing club and the inevitable happens.

As in Shaggers 4, April is outside, this time with Ian Tate. Both are soon naked and on the grass, where the action continues in the sunshine. The scene ends when Ian cums in April's pussy during a vigorous reverse cowgirl. As April stands, Ian's semen leaks from her pussy and runs down his cock so she drops to her knee and licks it up. Nice.

Ruby is on a bed with Ash, her husband. Competent sex between a young semi professional couple. However the location and style give the impression that this scene doesn't fit with the rest of the programme.

Simone-Claire is in animal mode, back at the strip club. After some solo gyrations she grabs young Neil and soon has his entire length in her mouth. Congratulations to the sound man here, who manages to capture every gurgle, slurp and gag as Neil's tool reaches right down Simone's throat. Hot, hard sex follows including anal and A2M. Eventually Simone is squatting with Neil's cock up her bum urging him onwards and upwards. When Neil releases his load Simone collects it from her bum in a small beaker and drinks it. Amazing.

Finally Misha & Sasha are in the garden in matching bra & short skirts in red and black. They are joined by Dimitri for sex. The action here is predictable with the girls working almost entirely separately and finishes with the money-shot over their tits, so this becomes a re-run of previous scenes in Shaggers 2, 3 and 4. Shame.

Good stuff from the Shaggers team with some very good scenes, but the novelty of having tame sex with twin sisters is wearing a bit thin.

Review by Bayleaf

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