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Released: 2003
Notes: Pumpkin Films
Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy of Pumpkin films.

Quite a short DVD of four scenes in which the premise is that someone tells the viewer about his or her technique for getting off with the opposite sex. In the first three scenes this is a male telling us how he gets off with females.

In the first scene 'Kinky Camper' Andy Cox drives into a field in his camper van and finds Cathy Barry having trouble putting up her tent. He spies on her with binoculars, then invites her into his van. She reveals she noticed the binocs and asks how much he saw, thus seducing him rather than the other way round. A b/g scene follows, including anal and ending in a facial.

'Sexy Snapper' Paul O'Toole's technique is to pretend to be an adult photographer and advertise for models. Maddy answers his advert with predictable and enjoyable results.

Giles is a 'Pervy Plumber' who has been doing a job for Nikki Osborne. When he arrives to finish it she is in the shower. She calls out for him to come in to the house and he goes into her bedroom and finds her polaroids. She isn't all that annoyed when she catches him, but punishes him by sitting on his face.

In the last scene roles are reversed as 'Boss Bitch' Candice [2] 'seduces' one of her male subordinates. Seduce isn't really the word, however, as she seems less comfortable speaking lines than the males in the first three scenes and the transition to sex is a bit abrupt. However, she is a great looking girl and this aspect of her work should improve with practice. I hope she gets that practice and that I get to watch it.

This DVD offers some great looking girls having sex, and three of them we haven't seen before in this type of scene.

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