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Notes: Seventeen
Alternate Titles
  • Teenage Home Video 4: Laura's First Time
Notes and Reviews

13 scenes

  • 1. is Tiffany Walker solo masturbation
  • 9. is Laura Turner with male
  • 13. is Anja and male

Middle_Aged_Dutchman's view:

The girls in this film are supposed to act out their first sexual experiences. The video has been named after Laura Turner (Scene 9), who is also on the cover.

Most Seventeen videos (and this one too) have continuous background music (somewhat like meditation music or a rather weak Pink Floyd instrumental). The moaning of the girls' orgasms has been mixed into the music and is clearly audible.

Scene 1 - Tiffany Walker is lying on a bed in an orange Seventeen t-shirt and a pair of knickers. She masturbates, at first with her knickers drawn aside, then without her knickers. She uses the same bed in 'Teenage Perversions Vol. 8' and 'Teen Town Vol. 6'. Probably all scenes she did for Seventeen were shot in the same studio in quick succession.

Scene 2 - Two blonde girls lie cuddling on a bed. They undress up to their knickers and exchange French kisses. Suddenly their knickers are off and they feel each other's groins. After some close-ups of their groins they lick each other's pussies, exchange French kisses again and lick each other's tits. One of the girls is Wally Richter, a German girl, who also features in the 'Teen Town' series.

Scene 3 - A brunette in a green Seventeen t-shirt, knickers and a Seventeen headband is lying on a sofa. She draws her knickers aside and masturbates. Then she removes her t-shirt, her bra and her knickers and masturbates again. Finally she uses a dildo.

Scene 4 - A red-headed girl in a Seventeen headband is cuddling with a boy who is already naked. She blows him. He removes her clothes up to her white Seventeen t-shirt. She goes on blowing him. They fuck reverse cowgirl and cowgirl style. She is completely naked now and she blows him again and wanks him alternately. They fuck doggie style, then he eats her pussy, then it's doggie style again. He squirts his sperm into her face. She plays with his dick for a while.

Scene 5 - A blonde with a Seventeen headband and a red Seventeen t-shirt removes her pubic hair with depilatory cream.

Scene 6 - A blonde and a black-haired girl in sailor-collared skirts are leafing through a porn magazine. Soon they strip each other's clothes. They cuddle, eat each other's pussy and play with a dildo. The blonde plays with the other girl's big tits.

Scene 7 - A blonde, dressed in a Seventeen headband and a bra, plays with a vibrator and, having lowered her bra, with her big tits.

Scene 8 - Two blonde girls in a Seventeen headband exchange French kisses, eat each other's pussy, play with fingers and candles and perform sixty-nine. They are the same girls as in Scene 2.

Scene 9 - The blonde Laura Turner, wearing white knee socks, a blue shirt, a tie, a short skirt and very obviously no knickers, does a blowjob on a boy. They switch to 69. Later, when she is naked, he rubs his penis over her pussy. Then they fuck savagely in three positions. He bites her ear. The scene ends with another blowjob.

Scene 10 - Wally and friend revisited. They wear shorts and a Seventeen t-shirt, but not for long. Close-ups of their pussies again. Finally some French kissing and tit licking.

Scene 11 - A blonde and a dark blonde girl are lying naked on a sofa. They blow bubbles. Then they start cuddling. The dark blonde licks her friend's pussy and masturbates with a dildo.

Scene 12 - Fourth appearance of Wally and her friend. Together they lie on a bed with Seventeen t-shirts and bare pussies. Wally's friend puts her fingers and her tongue into Wally's cunt.

Scene 13 - A boy lies asleep upon a bed. A blonde girl with a ponytail, a Seventeen headband, an orange Seventeen t-shirt and a black skirt (Anja) enters the room and starts searching for something. When the boy wakes up, he has a commanding view of her knickers. He does not hesitate and grabs her crotch. She lies down beside him and he puts his hands into her knickers, exchanges French kisses with her, licks her breasts, undresses her and eats her pussy. She undresses him too and blows him. Then he shags her and finally he comes in her mouth. Their bed, by the way, is the same bed Tiffany uses in this film.

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