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Released: 2004
Notes: Totally Tasteless
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Running time: 80 mins.

Kami Andrews, in the introduction to the piece, has great difficulty in saying "bubbly big breasted babes in Big Boob Bangaroo 5". A bit of a tongue twister but it just about sums up this short, four-scene film.

In a blue plaid crop top and skirt, Jamie Brooks looks like the all American sweet country girl, but Shauna Banks soon dispels any thoughts that Jamie is innocent. The pair fondle and kiss each other as they strip, Jamie manoeuvring herself between Shauna's legs to finger fuck and lick her glistening wet pussy. Shauna returns the favour sucking hard on Jamie's clit and darting her tongue over her moist lips. A double ended dildo appears which is slowly eased into Jamie. She rocks back and forth working more and more of its length into her pussy. The girls 69, Jamie filling her mouth with Shauna's swollen lips as she has her clit played with. Eventually there is a moan and a shudder and both girls kiss each other.

There is a lot of silicon, scar tissue and stretched skin on show in Big Boobs which somewhat detracts from the action. Some of the breasts also appear to have a mind of their own, swinging and bouncing uncontrollably as the girls move. If you want to watch the film you also have to put up with 5 or 6 minutes of adds at the beginning with no way of fast forwarding the DVD. Rating OK, but there are better films on the market.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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