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Released: 2004
Director: Julian
Notes: Platinum X
Alternate Titles
  • Julian's Lipstick N Lingerie Part 1
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 148 mins.

Lipstick N Lingerie has five girls in five scenes taking on cocks singly and in pairs. Once the action starts the lipstick is soon rubbed off and most of the lingerie discarded.

Scene 2 starts with Elizabeth applying her lipstick in front of a large mirror. She slips out of her black bra and toys with her nipples, then moves to the bed wearing only her black stockings. Lying on her stomach she is joined by a guy and after running her pierced tongue over the head of his cock she takes it into her mouth as he fondles her bum and plays with her pussy. Rolling onto her back Elizabeth gets fingered and licked then holds one leg in the air to be entered. Moving round the bed the pair fuck in various positions. Elizabeth gives the cock a good hard suck, then goes down on all fours for her arse to be filled. After more cock cleaning Elizabeth sets herself up for a good ride up the bum whilst working her fingers hard on her clit. The scene ends with Elizabeth, open-mouthed, expecting to taste cream, but the guy cums with such force it ends up all over her face.

Isabel appears in the last scene in a leopard print dress, matching knickers and tan stockings flanked by Manuel Farrara and Steve Holmes. The boys watch as she uses her tube of No 7 lipstick on her pierced clit, then sits on the sofa and plays with her tits. Bending to one side Isabel takes Steve's cock into her mouth, she then turns and swallows Manuel up to his balls while Steve slides his man meat in her pussy. Steve, swinging round, moves his cock from her pussy to her arse and Isabel lets out a muffled moan, her mouth still full of Manuel. The boys swap places. Then after a quick lick there is a long DP session. With the full length of both inside her Isabel cries out she wants more and she wants it harder, then pulling her bum cheeks apart the guys take turns plugging her gaping hole. As Steve bangs away at Isabel's bum Manuel attempts to re-apply her lipstick; she ends up looking like a kid that's just scoffed strawberry ice cream! Still, messy make-up doesn't prevent Isabel filling her mouth with cum at the end of the scene.

As with most of Platinum X's films this was well shot, well lit and well edited. The performances from all were also good, though the pick of the bunch was Isabel, taking time to wink at the camera while being DP'd by two studs.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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