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Released: 2004
Director: Andre Madness
Notes: Kick Ass
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Running time: 87 mins.

Though this film was shot in the States the three stars all hail from this side of the Atlantic. British girls Alicia and Ashley are joined by the red haired German Katja Kassin. Each of the three 25-minute scenes follows the same format: brief interview then action.

In a black bra top and knickers Alicia Rhodes appears on a stripy bed for the first scene where she is joined by three guys. Each is taken gagging down her throat as her tits are fondled and pulled. Alicia's top and panties are removed and she uses her feet on the guys cocks before they are stuffed into her pussy. With a cock buried deep in her cunt Alicia wanks the other guys in her mouth, her cheeks bulging with every stroke. It's now time to be fully loaded, sliding a dick in her bum, a second is eased into her pussy whilst she sucks on the third, with the guys moving every so often. Naughty Alicia uses four fingers in each hole making them gape and ready to receive spunk. After her bum and pussy have been filled with cream Alicia takes the last load in her mouth.

Ashley Long, in a black teddy and stockings, is sitting on a red bench seat for scene 2. The three guys enter the living room and immediately start work on her tits, squeezing and sucking the nipples as their fingers penetrate Ashley's pussy. With a mouth full of dick Ashley opens her legs and the head of a cock is rubbed over her moist pussy lips before being slid fully home. Bending over Ashley gets taken from behind, she then gets the guys to lie where she stretches her legs as she slides down their cocks. Moving back to the bench Ashley takes a good banging, so much so that the bench legs collapse, but this doesn't stop the humping. She is now ready to be DP'd with the guys taking turns to fill both her holes. After the first load has filled her arse Ashley pushes and strains to eject every last drop, she then uses her fingers to retrieve the spunk in her pussy before letting the last guy fire deep into her throat.

For a US film, three scenes and 87 minutes is short. But if it's quality rather than quantity you are looking for then Alicia and Ashley produce the goods.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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