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Released: 2003
Director: Shawn Ricks
Notes: Don Goo Entertainment
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Running time: 83 mins.

Layover is one of the many short 'plot based' films out there which looks as if it was produced on a tight budget. Layla~Jade appears alongside Victoria Givens, Lisa Marie, and the veteran stud Buck Adams, in this film where sex is in the air.

Head stewardess Victoria makes a bet with the crew from a rival company that her staff can fuck more guys and girls on their next long haul trip. She is off to a head start shagging a guy in the toilets before they leave the bar.

Next up is Lisa Marie with enough metal hanging from her nipples to make the security systems in any airport go into overdrive.

Layla~Jade lies by the pool when Victoria tells of the challenge. She starts to caress her boobs, but inter-crew sex doesn't count as part of the wager.

Having had no luck, Layla lies on the bed in her hotel room when the pilot from the rival airline enters wearing the most ill-fitting uniform. She sits him down and holds her fanny to his face. He licks her and the pair fall back onto the crimson coloured bed. Stripped, Layla lets him lap at her pussy lips. She turns to suck at his cock, tongue flicking against the shaft. Crouched over him, Layla settles herself down on his prick, her body gyrating. The two move positions. Her legs spread, Layla is fucked missionary. A little more riding and he comes over her face. At the end of the week the crews meet up again. Who's won? Who cares!! It's a draw.

This is a very mediocre studio shot film, where each of the five girls in the film appears in a scene. The story is weak and the girls hostess uniforms badly fitting. Fortunately they don't wear them for long. As for geriatric Buck Adams, seeing his ageing body bouncing on Kylie Rachelle is a little off putting, but at least he did manage to cum on cue.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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