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Released: 2004
Director: Stig Gators
Notes: Coast to Coast
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Running time: 97 mins.

No one likes going into hospital, but that's where Alexi Malone finds herself in Stig Gators' film Latex Nurses. What is supposed to be a routine operation turns into a series of nightmare encounters with the kinky rubber clad staff who work there. British nurses Ashley Long, Layla~Jade and Flick Shagwell are joined by Rachel Rotten, Clara Sage and Viktoria, in this fetish horror story.

Comforted by her husband Kris Slater, Alexi is prepared for the theatre by Flick and Rachel. With the anaesthetic starting to take effect, Ashley looms into view at the bottom of the bed. Dressed in her tight green latex and long gloves, she unbuttons her nurses uniform and holds a stethoscope against her pussy. Turning to Flick and Rachel for reassurance, Alexi sees they are now similarly dressed and playing with each other's tits.

Drifting off, Alexi finds herself in a long dark corridor. Running to escape, she encounters Ashley. She turns back and Ashley appears again in front of her. Desperate, Alexi dives through a door. Inside, a rubber clad Rachel gives a guy with drips and pipes a blow job. She stands motionless as the two fuck.

Creeping back into the corridor, Alexi comes face to face with Ashley again. Retreating, she comes across Flick in her tight latex outfit, smearing her fanny and arse over a guy in a straight-jacket. Standing on one leg, Flick lets the guy chew at her pussy lips. She bends and takes his cock deep down her throat. Alexi watches with horror as Flick laps at the guy's arsehole, then drops on all fours to be taken up the bum. Released from his straps, the anal action continues, Flick lying on her back to be bonked. She sits up as the guy is ready to cum and fills her mouth with his jizz.

Returning to the corridor, the chase with Ashley is still on. Opening a door, Alexi hopes to hide. Layla~Jade and Viktoria stand lapping at each other's breasts, oblivious to the fact that Alexi is there. Lounging back, Layla lifts her rubber dress. Viktoria dives between her legs to lick at her pussy and clit. Turning over, Viktoria pushes her bum into Layla's face. Layla licks as her gloved fingers penetrate Viktoria's pussy. Grabbing a shiny pink vibrator, Layla works it into Viktoria's cunt before stuffing herself with a purple toy. The two then share a double ended dong, grinding their pussies together until they climax.

Outside, the coast appears to be clear. Alexi sets off again to try and find her way out. Turning the corner she finds Ashley lying on a bed, her white stocking-covered legs spread and Alexi's husband munching on her muff. Ashley's wet pussy is stretched by two, then three, fingers. Licking her lips, she takes Kris's dick in her mouth. Biting at his nuts, she swallows his shaft. His balls bang against her chin as her head bobs. Shuffling up the bed, Ashley settles down on Kris's cock and bounces. Easing his prick into her arse, she spins round to ride him reverse. The two fall forward and end up fucking doggy. Ready to cum, Ashley turns to be showered in spunk.

Horrified, Alexi returns to her bed, only to find she too is dressed in latex. Clara Sage brings her a cock to share.

She wakes up. Has it all been a nightmare? Alexi's eyes focus to find Flick, Rachel and Ashley standing beside her bed... in their latex uniforms.

Mixing horror with hot action can be tricky but Latex Nurses has managed to pull it off. The kinky sex scenes' clever use of lighting and camera angles give that terrifying, unreal feel. Suspense is added to as Alexi hurtles her way through the hospital. With good performances from all and high production standards, Latex Nurses is an entertaining film to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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