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Released: 2003
Director: Mario (Martin) del Toro
Notes: Anarchy
Alternate Titles
  • Angleterre interdite 2 DVD available Lucy Video
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 106 mins.

London Shaggers 6 stars the British based Belarus born twins Sascha and Mischa with Simone and two Americans, Katlin and Alex, under the direction of Mario Del Toro. As with the other films in the series the twins star in the first and last scene.

Sascha, dressed in a red leather jacket and skirt, along with Mischa, in a matching blue outfit, find the starving Victor(?) locked in a cage. All he wants is something to eat, all the girls want is his cock. After taking mouthfuls of man meat Mischa offers the hungry Victor her pussy to chew on. The ravenous guy can't resist. Sascha soon has her fill and the twins swap ends, Mischa lowers her pussy onto Victor's dick whilst Sascha sits on his face. Mischa is then done missionary style and, not to be out done, Sascha bends over to be done doggy. To prevent any argument, when Victor cums he sprays his cream equally over both twins tits.

Next is a boy girl scene with Katlin which looks as if it was shot in the US.

The third scene sees Tony lying on a bed waiting for Simone to come out of the shower. She enters in a robe which is quickly discarded revealing her pink bra and knickers and after a quick suck of Tony's cock these too are removed. The rest of the scene involves Simone taking cock in her pussy in various positions then Tony firing his load over her face. This scene is poorly shot and edited with a lot of views of knees, feet and backs as the couple writhe around. There is also the distraction of an out of view mobile which keeps ringing.

Alex with Brett Rockwood appear next. Though Alex introduces the scene as London Shaggers this must be London, California. No matter how good the camera is you cannot see the sea out of a window in London, England.

The final scene was shot in London and starts with the twins (Sascha in a red bra, skirt and knickers, Mischa in black and pink) with Demitri. It doesn't take him long to get his tongue to work on Sascha's pussy while Mischa is busily removing his pants to wrap her lips round his cock. After swapping ends Sascha wants her pussy filled and Demitri obliges. Mischa sits and plays with a large clear toy. It's then Mischa's turn to have her pussy pounded whilst Sascha pumps her pussy with plastic. The twins then take turns to ride Demitri's cock before he sprays jizz over both their tits.

Following the previous films in the series, London Shaggers 6 is disappointing. The scenes with the twins are good though their English is still a little ropy. The scene with Simone looks as if it comes from an amateur video and the scenes shot in the US are out of context, probably added to pad out the film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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