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Released: 2003
Director: Bud Lee
Notes: Sin City
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 96 mins.

If you haven't seen Part 1 of Lock, Cock and 2 Smoking Bimbos the plot is not hard to follow. Bad boy Dave Courtney has been double crossed in a diamond deal and has come to Spain to extract his revenge.

Jay Scarman is given the twins as a reward for good service. Misha, in a black and red basque and black stockings, gets to work giving him a blow job whilst Sasha, dressed in red, has her pussy sucked and finger fucked. Shaven Sasha plonks her pussy on Jay's cock and Misha moves to sit on his face. Now both twins are nice and wet Misha mounts Jay's joystick with Sasha fingering her pussy as she watches. Sasha wants more cock in her cunt and she bends over for Jay to fill her doggy style. With both girls satisfied Jay fires his load over the twins' tits.

Jay is in action again is scene 2. This time it's with Sarah in a secluded sandy cove. Sarah removes her bikini and lies back on a large striped towel for Jay to tease her pussy with his tongue. Sarah returns the favour licking the head of Jay's cock as she wanks it in her mouth before easing it into her pussy and sliding up and down on the shaft. Jay then takes control, rhythmically rogering Sarah missionary then doggy style in time with the waves as they crash against the rocks. It all ends with Sarah's tits being sprayed in spunk.

The third scene takes place in a cottage living room back in Britain. Leyli, in an off-the-shoulder black and silver dress, soon has her lips around Ian Tait's manhood and is sucking it for all she's worth. Stripped, Leyli bends over a very squeaky sofa to be taken from behind. Not to be put off by the noise, Ian lies back and with lube glistening on her pussy and arse Leyli eases his cock up her bum for a good banging. The pair turn for some more squeaky anal sex before Ian showers Leyli's face in cum.

Amber and Steve Hooper set off for some sex in the sandy cove. Once there, Steve's tongue goes into overdrive working its way around Amber's pussy lips and clit. Amber takes the cock in her mouth, licking Steve's shaft as she plays. Amber is entered spoons and Steve hammers away at her pussy, fondling her breasts as they bounce in time to the sea. Eventully he can take no more and releases his load into her mouth.

The twins return for the last scene identically dressed in white spotty bikinis. They are joined on two pool side loungers by Steve and Cheyne. The two indulge in some synchronised cock sucking before being stripped to have their pussy's sucked and finger fucked. Misha lies back so Steve can stuff her pussy with man meat and on the next lounger Sasha bends over to be taken from behind. The twins move with Sasha taking the full length of Cheyne's cock missionary and Misha riding Steve reverse cowgirl. The boys swap just to see how identical the twins are and after a little more bonking Misha finishes Cheyne off with her hands while Steve soaks Sasha in sperm.

As with Part 1 the plot is very flimsy and the sex, though good, has nothing to do with the story. Dave Courtney as the narrator could be missed completely and you're still left with a high quality all-sex film.

Now my favourite gripe - names. The names given on the box bear no resemblance to the actresses in the film and Leyli is credited as Laura in the titles but Layli in the behind the scene interviews!!

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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