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Released: 2005
Director: Samson
Notes: Third Degree
Alternate Titles
  • Samson's Lick It Up
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 128 mins.

When naming production companies 3rd Degree may not be one which immediately springs to mind, but over the last few years they have been releasing some nicely-themed films with top stars from both sides of the Atlantic. Lick It Up falls into that category. Poppy Morgan appears alongside Monica Sweetheart, Lanny Barby, Alexis Malone and Hillary Scott in five reasonably long scenes with a good mix of boy/girl action.

Poppy fans will have to wait till the final scene to see her, though watching the rest of the film is no great hardship. Poppy sits on some steps under a clear blue sky kissing Faith. The girls hands explore each other's bodies - neither are wearing knickers. The two remove their tops and Poppy slowly works her way down to Faith's smoothly-shaven snatch and slips in a large white dildo. Turning Poppy over, Faith spreads her arse and bangs the toy into her bum. The pair sit wanking and tasting each other's juices. As Poppy pushes a second toy into her pussy a guy arrives. With a prick about, the plastic is discarded. Holding onto his shaft, the two run their tongues up and down its length then fill their faces with cock. Poppy stretches open her arse ready to take dick and Faith adds to Poppy's pleasure by stuffing a dildo in her pussy. Moving round, Faith goes for a ride. Poppy plants her fanny in Faith's face. As the girls lie on top of each other among the garden statues and pools, the guy yo-yos from cunt to cunt, eventually firing his load over Faith's pussy lips. Poppy laps up the jizz and gives her a spunky kiss.

This is a well-worked film with good indoor and outdoor settings and though the same basic format was used in each scene it was in no way repetitive. As for the performances - great stuff from all the girls. Energetic Hillary Scott used the guy as a climbing frame in her sexy scene. A good evening's viewing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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