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Released: 2005
Notes: Slik
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Running time: 88 mins.

Slik must be on to a winning formula covering girls in slippy gunk and filming them squelch and ooze as they masturbate. The Lubed series featuring solo efforts is now well into double figures and Lubed Girls, where two or more find themselves sliding about, is quickly catching up.

The film starts with Roxanne, in a white top and red tartan mini, and Carolyn, in black with a denim skirt, sitting on a well protected sofa. After the introductory kissing and fondling the two get down to business, coating each other in slippy lube then using toys on each other. Roxanne chooses a dark pink vibrator to use on Carolyn, a bright red Dolphin (which matches the sheets on the sofa) is used in her own pussy.

Sitting on a bed, Lisa (Miyah) and Jessica (Cassy) are the next two girls up. Lisa peels off Jessica's yellow top to play with her boobs then strips out of her black leopard-print T-shirt and leather mini to show her own tits. The bedclothes ruck up as a red rabbit is rammed into Lisa's lube-covered pussy. She heightens her pleasure by easing a second toy into her arse. Jessica wriggles and squirms as a pink toy is pushed into her love box.

Same bedroom, different bedspread and hotter and hornier results when Lolly Badcock and Natalie Heck appear in the last scene. There's none of the slow soft build up. These girls just want to have pussy. The two suck and finger fuck each other, squirting bottles of lube over their bodies. At one stage Lolly locks her legs round Natalie's neck, her fanny pulled hard into her face. It's then time for the dynamic duo to stuff assorted toys into arses and pussies. By the end of the scene the girls are really going for it, rolling around the bed, their arms and legs knocking furniture and fittings.

It's nice to see a film where the girls remember to put batteries in their toys ... makes both work a lot better. The first two scenes are nice but nothing special, the last with Lolly and Natalie is something else. For those who are into slippy sex, Lubed Girls 6 should be in your collection. For the rest the film is worth it for the last scene alone.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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