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Released: 2005
Director: Philippe Soine
Notes: Magma / Hot Rod
Alternate Titles
  • Irre Sex Spiele
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 92 mins.

Hot Rod have taken the Magma-produced Irre Sex Spiele starring five British girls and re-titled it as Lock Up Your Daughters for the home market. To slightly confuse things the box cover is in English (including the girls names), but the film has the original German credits. Don't worry if you can't speak German - 'Ooh, Argh' are the same in both languages and what little dialogue there is, is in English.

In a red top, fur coat and denim mini skirt, Miyah turns up at an empty factory on a bitterly cold day. Once inside she is told she will have to strip before being allowed into the deserted canteen. Squeezing her fanny and tits against a glass door she is eventually allowed to enter. Philippe gets the freezing Miyah to do star jumps to warm up. He gives her his cock to heat up her mouth. As she is bent against a pillar, Philippe fills Miyah's pussy from behind then gets her to turn so he can cum in her mouth. Miyah runs out down abandoned corridors, spunk dripping from her chin, until she finds Pascal and Tony James in a room. The boys are standing with their cocks out. Miyah grabs a dick in each hand and starts to wank, her head yo-yoing from side to side as she sucks. Perched on a stool with her legs wide apart Tony pumps his dick into Miyah's pussy. The couple move to the floor where Pascal helps Miyah to balance as she bounces on his cock. Tony is ready to cum and Miyah catches his cream on her tongue then runs it round her mouth before swallowing.

Jo has a pink boa draped around her neck and her hands down her turquoise knickers as she tells of her dream of swimming in spunk. Crouched in a paddling pool, jug after jug of cream are poured into her mouth and over her body. Jo's pussy squelches as she fingers herself, drops of cream sticking to her pussy lips. Taking a silver vibrator she slips it between her legs, but this is no substitute for the real thing and soon she is sucking on Philippe's cock. Climbing into the pool Philippe guides his manhood between Jo's legs. His shaft glistens with the mixture of cream and pussy juice. Philippe is ready to fire and Jo opens her mouth, his load covering her tongue.

Donna is chained and handcuffed in a cage while Frank and Pascal, in helmets and cricket pads, guard her. She'll do anything to get out and pops her boobs between the bars for the boys to play with. Pascal's hand wanders down her body and his fingers slip into her pussy, pulling her lips apart. Released, Donna goes down on all fours for the finger fucking to continue. Turning her onto her back Pascal hammers away at her pussy while she tries to breath life into Frank's flaccid member. Dressed in cricket pads, Donna kneels to have her arse fucked by Pascal. She is then laid down under the cage while the boys jerk off over her body.

Pascal revisits the factory at night. The beam from his torch penetrates the gloom and in the corner he glimpses Agnis tied to a frame. He moves over and starts to caress her body, his fingers gently rubbing between her legs. Pascal swaps his tongue for his fingers and licks Agnis's arse before working his way over her pierced lips. Slowly he slides his cock into her moist hole and she thrusts her body hard against his stiff shaft. Agnis turns so Pascal can continue the fingering. Two, then three, are slipped inside her. She raises a leg and Pascal's prick is pushed back into her pussy. Dropping to the floor Agnis tastes her own juices, Philippe offers his cock and she sucks that too. She wanks Pascal hard and he sprays his sperm into her mouth.

Charlie is at the top of the stairs, her tits hanging out of her pink bra and her skirt hiked up around her waist showing her smoothly shaved mound. Philippe holds his cock inches from her face and she leans forward, taking it deep into her mouth before running her tongue around his balls. Charlie opens her legs for Philippe to enter her love box. Standing behind her in a doorway Pascal watches and wanks. She beckons him over to feast on his cock. With her stocking clad leg stretched along the banister, Pascal eases his cock into her pussy. Charlie bends further and further forward and the handrail rocks as she is pounded. With Pascal lying on the floor Charlie slides his dick into her arse and Philippe joins to fill her pussy in some DP action. The scene ends in a facial, Charlie sucking every last drop off Pascal's cock.

I have to admit I cannot see the connection between the action and the title, but the film has five nicely-shot scenes with five good girls. The only weak point is Frank's lack of wood in the scene with Donna, but Pascal more than made up for this working twice as hard. An enjoyable watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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