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Released: 2005
Director: Frank Thring
Notes: H2 Video / Hustler
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Running time: 108 mins.

Leg Affair 13 is a film very much aimed at the foot and stocking fraternity with six vignettes directed by Frank Thring in a range of settings from wide open moorland to the cramped confines of a minibus. A majority of the girls appearing in the film are from central Europe, understandably as most of the production was shot on location in Hungary, and includes the super star Silvia Saint. The British interest is provided by Donna-Marie appearing with Steve Hooper.

The fourth scene is filmed out on a wild and windy moor. An unshaven hiker, Steve Hooper, treks through the mist and can't believe his eyes. Perched on a high stool under a tree in the middle of nowhere is Donna in a black and silver lace top and high-heeled sandals. He falls to her feet licking her painted toes, sucking at her slender heels, running his tongue along the instep of her foot. The wind buffets the microphone, Donna's hair flies, she looks freezing as Steve makes his way up her leg. Donna leans on the stool, Steve pulls out his prick and pops it past her panties into her pussy. Donna sits, her legs high in the air as Steve bangs at her shaven snatch. The cold makes her nipples stand erect, poking through her top, but Steve's cock is warm being engulfed by her pussy lips. A couple of sheep pass as they shag. Holding Donna's feet together, Steve squirts his spunk on her sandals.

Number 13 of Leg Affair is a bit of a hit-and-miss film. There is plenty to commend it, some fine-looking girls in great boy/girl and girl/girl action. There are also things which are wrong, like the two-minute plus interviews with Frank Thring between each scene and the scene with Silvia Saint which is shot so soft focus it's almost blurred. If you're into feet and legs in a big way you'll probably enjoy the film; for the general viewer it's a passable evening's entertainment.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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