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Released: 2005
Director: Alicia Kensington
Notes: UK Amateur Fetish / Asphyxiation
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Running time: 85 mins.

Asphyxiation is a label you normally associate with hard core fetish productions and while The Little Shoe Box is predominately aimed at the foot worship brigade it is essentially 75 minutes of sensual erotic foreplay (sorry footplay) followed by 10 minutes of sex.

The story is simple. Mercedes and Jessica turn up to get a pair of shoes repaired. While they wait they try on various pairs of high-heeled shoes and boots. The sight of each other in stockings and heels gets the girls excited and they start to caress and fondle each other, paying special attention to the shoes, licking them and giving the heels blow jobs. As the traffic roars by the shop, Neil the assistant brings out more shoes for the girls to try. The more shoes they try the less clothes the girls wear until they are prancing round the shop dressed only in stockings and heels. The two end on a black sofa licking and fingering each other. Neil is invited to join in and he sucks their toes as they rub between his legs with their feet. The girls use their toes on each other's pussies and on Neil's cock and balls. Between bouts of cock sucking the girls try on more fancy footwear. Naked bodies in high heels gets all three going. After wanking Neil with a pink sandal, Jessica bends over to be boned in the pussy while Mercedes watches and masturbates. Pulling out, Neil is ready to cum, but where? Over Mercedes' feet.

This is a nicely made erotic film with one draw back, the soundtrack for the middle section of the film bears no resemblance to what is on the screen. There are grunts and moans when the girls are just sitting on the sofa - presumably shoe fetishists watch with the sound turned down. Though the sound spoils what could have been a very good film it's still worth a view.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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