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Released: 2005
Director: Bobby Manila
Notes: Cutting Edge
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 112 mins.

The first thing you notice about Lick Me! Stick Me! is not the girls but the grainy and slightly fuzzy picture. As the film progresses it becomes obvious that the picture quality is not the only thing to suffer. The action jumps and bumps along as the film has been re-edited for the UK R18 market. In its cut down version the film contains five shortish and slightly repetitive scenes with seven girls including Holly Wellin and Tyla Wynn.

Second up is Holly. Wearing a diamond collar, pink basque and frilly knickers, she crouches at the feet of leather-clad Alextra. Pulling down Holly's top, Alextra taps her tits with her riding crop then gives her bum a thwack before easing in a butt plug. A glass dildo is screwed into Holly's pussy. She licks it clean and is led back to the house on a chain. Released by her mistress, Holly sets about devouring two cocks, gagging as they slip past her tonsils. Black-booted Alextra is on hand to play with Holly's boobs. The boys pull down Holly's knickers, burying their faces in her fanny as Alextra encourages them with her whip. Holly's legs are held high in the air as one of the guys sucks her toes while the other fucks her. She twists to get his dick in her mouth. The action jumps to Alextra stroking Holly's long blonde hair as she is DP'd on the sofa. Another cut and she is taking the guys reverse. The boys wank into a big red bowl, Holly has her lead reattached and she goes down on all fours to lick it clean.

Unfortunately there's not a lot to recommend in this film. What the censor's scissors missed the make-up artists managed to spoil. Both Deja Daira and Tyla Wynn appear with huge amounts of black eye make-up, making them look like pandas, but even worse the American Tiffany Holiday appears with two white socked guys who look like the Chuckle Brothers!!! Leave it on the shelf.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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