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Released: 2005
Director: Otto Bauer
Notes: Mach 2
Alternate Titles
  • The Doll Factory
  • The Doll Factory - Lips That Lie 2
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 134 mins.

The auburn-haired American award winning actress Audrey Hollander is very much the star of Otto Bauer's work for Mach 2. In The Doll Factory she is ably supported by Leah Luv, Claire Robbins and Britain's own Poppy Morgan. With clever use of make-up and sets, the girls are turned into life-like automatons whose aim is to fuck, suck and never say no.

Poppy doll appears in scene 3. Marching into the room, she jerks to a halt in front of the head programmer. She has become stuck in 'fuck me' mode. He gives her a tap on the head and she falls to the floor taking his pants down on the way. She opens her mouth and her lips stutter their way along the shaft. Her head starts to twitch as she wanks the wet cock and laps at the programmer's balls. Slapping her face with the dick seems to make her tick worse. The programmer lifts her onto the sofa to rectify the problem - a tongue in the pussy should do the trick. When he pushes his prick into Poppy's pussy she flips back into 'fuck me' mode, opening her legs wide to take every thrust. The programmer enters Poppy's arse and he lets her ride him. The chain belt round her waist jangles as she bounces; so it is removed. Poppy grinds and gyrates, using the guy's cock in both holes. She falls to the side for the shagging to continue, then tastes her juices. A cushion is thrown on the floor and Poppy props herself up to be pile driven. The guy leaves her arse gaping. Kneeling, Poppy eagerly awaits a mouth full of spunk. Her job done she switches off.

Though it is not a new idea to have the girls as dolls, Otto Bauer and the team have done a nice job with clean crisp camera work and hot hard action. Audrey tops and tails the film, her body glistening in perspiration as her bum gets bashed in the first and last scene. Of the other girls, Poppy pulled of the jerky motion of a dysfunctional robot best with Claire Robbins, in her stylised eye make-up and ripped black stockings, close behind. The Doll Factory is something different from the normal 'gonzo fare' and worth looking out for.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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