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Released: 2006
Notes: Adult Channel XXX / Hotrod
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Running time: 95 mins.

Lolly appears with some of her hard core rubber-clad friends in this kinky erotic romp through derelict sites and scrapyards. The five choreographed scenes are brilliantly shot. You can smell the damp and taste the dust as Lolly humps amongst the dereliction.

Lolly wanders through a disused factory in her tight black rubber dress buckled up the front and her thigh-length boots. In the dusty distance stands Suzie Best in cream and red latex lingerie. Walking over, Lolly eases out Suzie's boobs to bite her nipples then slaps her arse. Suzie rolls up Lolly's dress, spanking her bum cheeks till they are rosy red and taking mouthfuls of labia. Trembling with pleasure, Suzie stands as Lolly rubs hard at her latex knickers. Her body pulses as fingers are slipped into her pussy. Pulling on her swollen pussy lips Lolly tastes her handy work. The pair move to a set of steps, Suzie giving Lolly's pussy a finger pommelling. The girls play with a gold vibrator jabbing it deep into each other's pussies. It makes them want to pee. They climb up the steps and let it cascade down. The scene ends with the two wanking themselves to orgasm.

Changed into a black and red rubber basque, Lolly slides open a big steel door. Natalia is suspended in a harness, her legs wide open. Lolly spins her round, buries her head in her pussy and sucks. Pulling Natalia's lips open Lolly starts some vigorous finger work. Gritting her teeth, Natalia tweaks her tits as she's wanked. On a table lie a row of toys and Lolly selects one, ramming it deep into Natalia's wet hole. Let out of the swing, Natalia bends over the table to have her rubber clad arse spanked. Lolly wants some action and Natalia is handed a stainless steel vibe to use on her pussy. She cries and shakes. It's now Natalia's turn for the steel rod, Lolly making her squirt with pleasure. Climbing into the hoist, Lolly wants to be fucked. Natalia walks out of the room locking the door behind her.

Walking through dilapidated rooms, Lolly spies a guy with a tool in his hand and she saunters over in her shiny blue bra and tight rubber skirt. He puts down his drill to tug and bite her tits as his fingers explore her moist minge. Forcing the guy back onto his work bench, Lolly yanks down his pants to fill her face with cock. Her chin bangs on his balls as it slips down her throat. Stretching her pussy lips, Lolly slides down the saliva-covered shaft, pulling on her boobs as she bounces. She wants to be tied up and finger fucked. With her ankles roped together behind her head, the guy eases in four fingers. Lolly screams for more as he crams her squelching cunt with digits. Having climaxed, Lolly wants his spun. A couple of sucks on his dick and her mouth is full of cream.

On the scrap heap, Lolly spots black-bikini-clad Renee sitting in a fork lift. Strolling over she fancies a bit of what she sees and climbs into the cab. Renee licks and chews at Lolly's boobs before stuffing her own tits into Lolly's mouth. Heading south, Renee wraps her tongue round Lolly's lips. Sucking makes them swell further. The girls move, Lolly rubbing her self on the back of the driver's seat as Renee licks and probes her arse. The girls jump down, Renee pulling on a purple strap-on which Lolly swallows. Standing with one leg high up a wire cage, Renee fills Lolly's pussy from behind, her lips flapping as she is banged. Lolly takes her turn with the strap-on. Renee kneels in the baked mud as she is fucked doggy style. Grabbing a toy each the girls end wanking on a large steel girder.

The last scene is shot in a house which is dropping to bits. Jane (Sabrina Lavelle) and Lolly are in a tatty kitchen, both desperate to be fucked. Lolly strips off Jane's red dress and rams her tongue up her pussy. When she uses her fingers, Jane really gets dripping wet. She turns to do the same to Lolly when there is a knock on the door. The girls grab the guy, dragging him into the hall and removing his trousers. Kneeling, they lick and lap at his cock then take turns to deep throat him, dribbling on his shaft. He is taken upstairs and pinned down on an old mattress while Lolly rides his cock, Jane fingering her fanny as she watches. Rolling over, Lolly is filled doggy style as she fucks Jane with a gnarled glass toy. Lying side by side the guy cums over their faces. They lick off every last drop as they kiss.

Extreme Lolly, extremely dirty, exceptionally good. Buy It

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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