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Released: 2006
Director: Steve Drakos as Susi Medusa
Notes: Private Fetish Machine 23
Alternate Titles
  • Pirate Fetish Machine: Lost Girls
  • Susi Medusa's Lost Girls
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 120 mins.

Following on from her successful performance in Private's Stiletto, Keira has donned her fetish gear again, this time for the European-based director Drakos for his film Lost Girls. Though the plot is not obvious until the end of the film, what starts out looking like a thriller ends as a dark gothic horror movie.

Even before the action starts Keira make an impression. As the opening credits roll she lies over a black sports car, her amazingly long tongue lapping the bonnet. Keira and blonde Czech girl Sue have stopped a guy who is coming down from a big house where Lucy Love and Natalli di Angelo undertake their sordid acts.

Unzipping the guy's trousers, Keira, in red leather and black PVC, pulls out his prick and takes it deep down her throat. She bites on his balls and runs her tongue up and down his shaft before slobbering spit over it. Standing, Keira towers over the guy in her high-heel boots. Her hand goes between his legs and wanks his cock. Bent forward against the car, Keira is fucked in the arse. Riding him reverse, she slams her bum down on his shaft making her tits pop out of her leather bra. Twisting herself round she licks the car as her back passage is plundered. The guy fires into Keira's mouth. She plays with the spunk letting it drip onto her tits.

In the next couple of scenes Lucy Lee finds a private investigator prying and shags him to submission, while Lucy Love indulges in some aquatic work in the bath.

Keira and Sue now have the information needed to rob the house. Sue will act as a lesbian decoy, while Keira will get the money. Not everything goes to plan when they enter. Sue's lesbian act works well - too well. Keira in her white suspenders, fishnets and long black boots finds herself in a room with a black-and-red-clad Nikki Sun who is sucking the cock of a captive masked guy. Picking up a length of chain, Keira pulls it tight into her snatch then leans forward to swallow the guy's cock. She gags as it hits her tonsils. As she bends to eat Nikki's pussy, the guy rams his cock up her arse, her juices drip onto her boots. It's then Nikki's turn to take it up the bum. Keira positions herself to use her tongue on her clit as she's fucked. Keira bites the guy's balls then readies him to ride reverse - his shaft slides straight up her arse. The girls swap, Nikki lying back and the guy yo-yoing between both her holes. More vigorous cock sucking and the guy sprays the pair in spunk. They suck off every last drop and kiss each other.

The trap has been sprung. Keira and Sue are now locked with the other lost girls in this den of debauchery.

The film has everything you would expect from a Private production - great girls, good locations, well shot and hard hot action. As for Keira, her strikingly tall, slim, supple body and amazing long tongue make her perfect for this type of role. An excellent two hours viewing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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