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Released: 2006
Director: Kendo
Notes: Ruder Britannia / Erotic Flesh Productions
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 109 mins.

Under the clear blue Portuguese skies, Kendo has stylishly shot five great girls, setting them against stark white walls in their black and red lace outfits. As with other Kendo movies there is the hint of surreal fetishism mixed with the erotic.

The film starts with two stunning blondes. Natalie Heck, in a black spider's-web all-in-one, gently caresses her pussy while Dominique, in a black nylon body suit, stands motionless in a shaft of light, a ball gag in her mouth. Natalie moves towards Dominique to lap her pussy through the tight black nylon as she fingers her own arse. Undoing the crotch she waggles her tongue over her clit and into her fanny. Removing Dominique's gag, Natalie holds her head tight to her pussy to be eaten. The girls climb to the sun roof. Dominique stares over the countryside, her legs parted, as Natalie jams a strangely-shaped red toy deep into her pussy. Lying beneath her, she licks as she jabs. Moving, Dominique fingers Natalie, getting her nice and wet for her big blue plaything. Natalie turns onto all fours to take the toy in her love box. She moans with pleasure. Standing in the brilliant sunshine the two toy themselves to climax.

In a flame red body suit and stockings, Renee stubs out her cigarette with her high heels and wraps her red lips around a big black dildo. Smiling, she pulls open her pussy and forces the toy deep into her hole. Crouching, she wanks with the toy as the shadow of Paul appears beside her. With the dildo firmly implanted she starts to chew his cock and bite his balls. Renee wants it rough. Slapping his cock, Renee fingers herself as she prepares to be fucked missionary. A little more dick punishment and she forces Paul onto his back to ride him reverse. Spinning round and bouncing on his shaft, Renee stuffs her foot in his mouth followed by her long red gloves. She wants him to gag. She tastes her juices deep down her throat and opens her legs to get her pussy pummelled. Paul pulls out and fires his load over Renee's face.

Dougie stands transfixed by the sight of Elle swathed from head to toe in red lace and holding a large red dildo in her hand. She approaches him, running her hands over his chest, and places her face against the bulge in his pants. Unzipping him, she sucks on his cock through her red veil. She lifts it and her red lips slide down Dougie's shaft. Peeling down her top, Dougie takes her nipples in his mouth. Elle rubs her body with the head of his cock. Shivering, she shoves the dildo into her smoothly-shaved snatch. Dougie laps as it slides in and out. Pressing herself hard against the wall, Elle take the toy deeper. Dougie pulls out the plastic and replaces it with his prick. He sits against the wall with his cock erect and Elle eases herself down to ride Dougie, her high heels clicking as she slips up and down. Holding herself above Dougie's dick, Elle spreads her arse to take it up the bum. She gasps as they bonk. Standing rapidly, Dougie showers Elle with spunk.

In black fishnet stockings and long gloves, Renee pulls at her arse hole and slips in a finger as Tony and Paul stand against the wall and watch. She moves between them and thrusts a black handled dildo deep into her pussy, then gives it to the pair to lick clean. Crouching on the toy, she grabs a guy's cock and starts to swallow. Tony moves to lick her dripping juices and the two end 69ing. Renee mounts Tony's cock and starts to ride, Paul playing with her tits as she sucks at his cock. As she stands on one leg, Tony fills Renee from behind as she slaps and pulls at Paul. She opens her mouth and the two fire in their cream. Renee sucks off every last drop.

Standing at opposite ends of the pool, Natalie is dressed in black and Lola in white. The pair finger themselves through the crotchless all-in-ones. Natalie goes to sit on a bench. Spreading her pussy, she pushes in a red toy and starts to pump. Lola moves closer, pulling her lips and massaging her tits. The two girls kiss. Lola goes down to lick at Natalie's clit as the dildo goes in and out. Biting, she rips open the nylon to lap and finger her arse. The girls change places. Natalie fills her mouth with Lola's puffy cunt lips and fingers her tight pink pussy. Sucking on a lime green vibrator, she has her arse licked. The two stand and wank, groaning till they climax.

With this beautifully shot movie, Kendo proves he is the master of this erotic genre. As for the girls, their performances were almost faultless. A great film to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

Bayleaf's view (April 2006):

Kendo has put away some of his more outlandish kit and dressed his girls in sheer bodies, fishnet catsuits and lacy basques. The film is shot in the brilliant Portuguese sunshine.

Natalie and Mika open up with a scene that starts slowly with some nice images of Mika leaning against the villa's wall in sheer black body and ball-gag. Natalie, in a black lacy bodystocking, approaches and silently begins to lick Mika's pussy. They swap places then move out onto the patio where, leaning over the balustrade, Natalie furiously dildos Mika's pussy. In 69 on the sunlounger, Natalie gets her pussy pounded with a second dildo, then the camera shoots from below as the girls bring themselves off with the dildos.

Renee enjoys a quiet fag, dressed from head to toe in scarlet: matching frilly body, long gloves, knickers, stockings and shoes. Leaning against the villa wall she forces a substantial black dildo into her pussy. When Paul Pole (Paul Back) arrives in his white underwear she gives his cock a brief suck, removes his pants and climbs aboard in cowgirl. Paul fucks Renee hard on the tiles in missionary (a curious bondage mask appears here) then it's back to cowgirl for some full-length fucking. More hard action standing and sitting before Paul supplies a facial.

Elle wears a full length scarlet lacy dress and matching mask as she cavorts in front of Dougie. Once the pair get within touching distance, Dougie's cock and Elle's tits are out in the sunshine. Pushing up the front of her dress, Dougie pushes a long scarlet dildo into Elle's naked pussy, eventually bending her over and fucking her standing against the wall. Sex in reverse cowgirl and a cumshot over her tits.

Renee is back in action with Paul and Tony James. Wearing black fishnet suspenders, stockings and heels, she finishes her fag and approaches the boys who are leaning against the villa wall. Standing between them, she deeply dildos her pussy with and industrial sized tool. Squatting, she sucks boths guys while pressing down on the dildo in her pussy. Sex with Tony in reverse cowgirl and standing doggy is watched by a somewhat limp Paul. Renee sucks Tony to climax, then turns to Paul who has firmed up enough to pop a load on Renee's tongue.

Natalie and Lola both wear full body stockings although their tits are exposed, Lola in white, Nat in black. They slowly approach each other, then attack each other's pussies with their tongues followed by the awesome scarlet dildo. More dildo action from both and more flesh is exposed, but fairly gentle stuff.

I had the real feeling of a repertory company at work here, with this cast of six girls (if you add Claire Kiernan) and three guys producing another set of hot performances under brilliant blue skies. Seemingly shot at the same time as Sex & Cocktails 1&2 and Bums. Nice stylised photography, great images in the clear atmosphere. Good film.

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