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Released: 2007
Notes: Wicked City Productions / Slik (originally a Television X series)
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Running time: 138 mins.

Shot in a tired looking club, Lap It Up was originally shot as five short episodes for TVX and is now getting an outing in an R18 version. A series of girls dance and strip in front of a chipped purple or grubby grey wall, before using their talents on the punters who have turned up to watch them.

In her white lingerie and fishnet stockings, Michelle B. looks uncomfortable as she dances on the stage of the deserted club. A lone Danny stands at the bar. Michelle approaches him. Rubbing her body against his, Michelle pins him against the counter as she unbuttons his shirt. Her boobs out, she holds them to his mouth to suck. Sinking down, she tongues the bulge in his pants and wanks his dick between her lips. Danny strokes her long blonde hair as she works on his shaft. Michelle is bent over a bar stool and the guy parts her pussy with his prick, pushing it in deep. Taking control, Michelle rides reverse cowgirl before the pair climb back onto the stage for some missionary action. Ready to fire, Danny gives Michelle a facial.

Next girl up is Sabrina (as Jane), in her star spangled bikini. Only Steve Hooper is on hand to admire her gyrations. Sitting Steve back on a stained sofa, Jane gives him a private session. Her knickers partly down, she wafts her fanny in his face and waggles her bum over his cock. Flicking her hair back, she grabs the base of Steve's rod and swallows the head. Jane licks her way down his man meat to his balls, then, her fingers with their bright red nails wrapped around his dick, she wanks him into her mouth. Crammed onto the sofa, the two shag spoons. Jane reaches down to finger her clit. Turning her onto her back, Steve bangs away at her pussy. Jane moves his cock into her arse. Sliding to the floor, Jane waits, her tongue out to catch Steve's spunk.

Harmony Hex leans against the bar in her pink net dress. She twists her blonde hair in her fingers before thrusting them into her white knickers. Mark Sloan slugs at his beer. She makes her way over, sitting on his lap. Her bra removed, Harmony's nipples stick through her net dress. Mark licks at her panties before filling his face with her minge. She jabs two fingers into her pussy and they come out soaking. Grasping Mark's cock, Harmony's head bobs up and down. Placing her legs on Mark's shoulders, Harmony moans as she is fucked missionary. Her heels off, she stands over him and settles down on his cock, gently rocking and rolling. A little doggy on the sofa and Harmony get her tits spattered with Mark's cream.

Sindy waits at the bar. A nameless blonde walks over. Dropping the top of her dress, she lets Sindy squeeze her boobs. The girls kiss and caress. Noticing Vinny on the other side of the room, the blonde takes Sindy over to him. The blonde sits fondling herself as Sindy undoes her top and gets Vinny to bite her nipples. He sits expressionless and still while she presses her pussy against his cock. His dick out, Sindy gives him a blow job. Vinny remains almost static, as well as silent. Leaning forward over a chair, Sindy gets her pussy stuffed. Her snatch wringing wet, the pair move to the sofa for spoons. Up on her feet, and this time it's Sindy's arse which is stretched open with cock. Lying back, the bum bonking continues. Pulling out, Vinny leaves a pool of jizz in Sindy's cleavage. She smears the spunk over her tits.

The last dancer on stage is Mandy Milton (as Angel). In her black and tartan PVC basque, she wiggles her arse at the camera, then towards Tony James. Pulling her see-through black knickers tight into her snatch, Angel's clit ring glints in the lights. Moving over to Tony, she runs her long red boots against his leg and unzips her top. Knickers around her knees, Angel shoves her bum in Tony's face as she releases his cock from his trousers. Opening her mouth wide, Tony's length disappears down Angel's throat. Pulling at the spit covered shaft, Angel guides it between her swollen pussy lips, crying out as Tony hammers hard. Dropping to her knees, she is fucked from behind. Angel wants cock in her arse. Tony stuffs her spoons. Jerking Tony's load into her mouth, Angel is happy.

Watching the film it is easy to see where it originated from. Each of the scenes has an opening and closing title, but you can live with that. What is lacking from the film, however, is enthusiasm. With the exception of Angel and Tony, almost all the scenes are shot in silence, with the performers just going through the motions. Michelle, Jane and Harmony are capable of so much more, but in Lap it Up they look as if they have lost interest. A very mediocre film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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