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Released: 2006
Director: Hank Hoffman
Notes: Vivid
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Running time: 106 mins.

Since their inception, Vivid have been known for their beautiful hot girls in carefully crafted work and Le Kink falls into this category. The film name suggests an eroto-fetish film and whilst director Hank Hoffman gives a nod to the genre with feathers, crops and a suspended cage, it is still very much a main stream Vivid style film, featuring their stars Stefani Morgan and Roxy Jexel.

Roxy runs a black feather over Stefani's body as she lies on the bed. Taking some stout white cord, she ties her hands to the bed head. Slipping down Stefani's pink panties, Roxy teases her body with her tongue before making her way to her smoothly shaven snatch. Releasing the ties, Stefani strips Roxy of her black lingerie and fishnets and the two 69. The pair lick at a large silver vibrator. Parting Roxy's pussy lips, Stefani plugs it in deep. Rolling onto her side, Roxy takes the toy in her arse. Attention switches to Stefani as a small white vibrator is eased into her pussy. It whirs away and the scene comes to an abrupt end.

Roxy and Stefani appear together again in the final scene, leading two guys towards a metal cage suspended on chains. Blindfolding one of the guys, Roxy slaps his bum with a flail. Stefani has her tits tapped with a crop then climbs into the cage. The blindfolded guy joins her. Roxy rattles the bars then joins the two to suck some cock. Stepping down, Stefani swoops at the second guy's dick. Roxy jumps to the floor to suck at guy no. 1. Spreading her legs open on a green and chrome couch, Stefani is finger fucked. In the background, Roxy moans as she is taken missionary. The girls move round the set. Stefani rides the boys on a stainless steel chair which rattles and squeaks as she slams down hard. Roxy climbs back into the cage, her legs dangling through the bars as she's fucked up the bum. Ready to cum, one of the guys drops his load on Roxy's tongue. The second whips off his condom to coat Stefani's pussy.

Though 'new' girl Stefani Morgan is credited as the main star, it's very much Britain's Roxy Jezel who takes the lead and steals the scenes when she appears. The 'Vivid' style of kink may not appeal to the 'PVC & Rubber' brigade, but this film is squarely aimed at the general viewer and does a pretty good job... The only pity is the sudden end to the first of Roxy's scenes.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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