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Released: 2006
Notes: Temple Films
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Running time: 115 mins.

For Temple Films' first foray into the feature-length film market they have used four top girls in Lap Dance Party. Set in and around a spacious club, the five scenes have a good mix of action to suit almost all tastes.

Alicia, Angel and Lolly sit drinking and chatting at a table. The trio are accompanied by JJ and Danny. Alicia and Lolly get turned on and start to snog. The pair head to the stage to show what they can do round a pole. Slipping her tits out of her black dress, Alicia places them either side of the pole for Lolly to lick. She in turn hitches her pink dress up high so her bum can be tongued. Alicia breathes in Lolly's juices as she finger fucks and laps at her arse. Lolly finds a big black dildo for Alicia. After swallowing it, she jabs away between her legs. A second double-ended toy appears and is rammed into Lolly's cunt. Alicia pushes her onto her shoulders and sucks at the free end. Swapping the red double-ender for a blue, the two work their pussies along it. Lolly decides it's time for strap-on sex. Making Alicia gag on her plastic prick, Lolly then turns the wet tool on her pussy doggy style. Alicia ends up panting on the floor, make-up smeared.

Her pussy wet from watching the action, Angel lies back to let JJ at her pink panties. Wanting his manhood, she bends to take his dick between her lips and swallows. Alicia joins them to share in the sucking. Still dripping from her action with Lolly. Alicia slides herself down JJ's shaft reverse. Angel laps at the bonking duo before dropping on all fours to be fucked from behind. Crawling under the pair, Alicia goes after their juices. JJ moves to the sofa so Angel can ride him. She slams onto his balls. Balanced on the sofa back, Alicia is pinned against the wall by JJ's cock. A cock in her mouth, Angel sticks one end of a toy in her pussy. Alicia is on the other end. JJ jerks off over Alicia's bum, Angel cleans up the cream and the girls share it with a spunky kiss.

Having had to share JJ with Alicia, Angel heads off with Danny to a stretch limo in the car park. As the pair are whisked down the road, Angel drops the top of her pink dress so Danny can suck at her tits. Easing his cock out, Angel bobs her head as she smacks and swallows. Houses pass by as her pink panties are pulled to one side so her pussy can be licked. Spread along the back seat, the two 69. Perched on the tip of Danny's dick, Angel thrusts down. The two fall to the floor where she is filled from behind. With Danny's head through the sunroof, Angel sucks on his dick as the car pulls up outside the club. Then the two dash in to finish the fucking. Bending her over the bar, Danny eases his way back into her pussy. Angel wants to use the poles on the stage to finish the session. After a long hard bonk, Danny's cum floods into Angel's mouth. She sits and blows spunky bubbles and drips them onto her tits.

Lolly sits in her pink dress surrounded by vibrators and dildos. Closing her eyes she slides her fingers past her camouflaged knickers into her fanny as she pulls and twists at her nipples. Knickers yanked down, she stretches her pussy lips as she finger fucks herself. Standing, Lolly runs her tongue round the tip of a large pink dildo. Covered in spit it disappears down her throat. The toy is used to tease her clit. Then, using both hands, she buries it between her legs. A silver vibrator is next in her pussy as Lolly removes her dress. Seated, she arches her back as she takes the toys two at a time, with her fingers probing her arse. She finishes the session with the toy she started with. The pink dildo is crammed into her cunt and Lolly then gags on the juice covered toy.

Dressed in black, Donna-Marie is a late comer to the club. She wants to know what's been happening. Throwing JJ onto a chair, Donna demands his dick. Her mouth is soon stuffed with his manhood. She splutters and it slips down her throat. Spit trickles down JJ's shaft as Donna licks and laps. Legs spread wide, Donna pulls JJ's face into her fanny. Holding him tight, she fondles her boobs. Standing over him, Donna runs his nose up her bum cleavage as she is fingered. She opens her pussy further with her own digits. She wants cock in her pussy and slams down reverse on the erect shaft. Shouting and moaning, Donna grinds against JJ's balls. Moving to the sofa, she is shagged missionary, her legs tucked up to her chest. Back on the floor and Donna is on her hands and knees guiding JJ's cock into her arse. The two roll over ending in anal reverse cowgirl. Finally, JJ gives Donna a facial.

This film has a lot going for it - the action is hot, pace is good, the girls are great and all the performers looked as if they were enjoying themselves. With such a good start from Temple why no credits on the film? The director and crew deserve recognition for their work. A film well worth looking for.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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