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Released: 2007
Director: James Edwards
Notes: CandiceParis.com
Alternate Titles
  • The X Fact Whore
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 114 mins.

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Lee-Anne is the ex-girlfriend of James Edwards and these six scenes feature James fucking Lee-Anne a couple of times; ex wife Candice Paris; a couple of other pretty models and Tequila Woods. Lee-Anne featured in a Channel 4 documentary some time back ruing her sexual escapades with James, so I don't expect she's too thrilled to be fronting James's latest DVD release. Unless she's in cahoots and getting a cut of the royalties, which would simply underline the fact that you can't believe everything you see on the telly these days.

Bearing in mind the TV docs, the court cases, the well-publicised retirements and the industry gossip, we can safely assume these scenes were filmed over a long period some time ago.

Lee opens her thighs, and the proceedings, by fucking James in their bedroom. Cute Lee-Anne's tanned body is quickly out of a blue denim dress for some extended foreplay before she kneels on the bed for James to take her from behind. More action in missionary and reverse cowgirl before Lee-Anne blows her man, taking his cum deep in her mouth.

James undresses Antonia in the garden, pulling off her tights and rubbing them round his cock and Antonia's pussy during some vigorous foreplay. Once naked, James fucks Antonia missionary and doggy directly on the grass and in between bouts there's more oral and tights-play. Scene ends without climax from James, but Antonia wanks herself.

Inside the conservatory, James sits with waif-like Nicola before undressing her and licking and fingering her private parts. After getting Nicola noisily worked up, James takes her over to the (covered) jacuzzi where he lays her down and fucks her missionary. Then back to the cane furniture for sex in doggy and missionary before Nicola takes James' cock in her mouth until it is impressively filled with James' spunk.

James has quite a long chat with Tequila about her hardcore career before she stands and strips to her black panties, removing her dress with a single flourish. Returning to the brown sofa she removes her pants and briefly takes James in her mouth before getting fucked doggy style. The pair switch briefly to reverse cowgirl then move onto the carpet missionary before the scene ends with another copious quantity of spunk placed in Tequila's mouth.

Gemma and Red are nurses, although while Red has white suspenders, stockings and heels, Gemma wears just white hold-ups with white ankle boots that have a red coss on them. The two girls are getting it on together on a four poster bed when James arrives at the front door. He's a patient with a sprained wrist (fnnah fnnah!) who wants his dressing changed. The girls strip him and there's plenty of sharing of mouths and dildos, but it's only Gemma that gets fucked. Once again the scene ends with a blowjob.

Lee-Anne returns for the final scene where James fucks her on the brown leather sofa and finishes with a proper facial. This is the same scene as in Real Girlfriends.

At just 5 minutes under two hours this is a pretty good film with decent camerawork and lighting. Well worth a look if you can stand the oleaginous James fucking some very attractive young women. Just one other feature to note: the stills gallery, all ripped from random US sites. Why?

Review by Bayleaf
March 2007

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Judging by the changing style and varying amounts of hair on James Edwards' face, either this film has been a very long time in production, or James has used six scenes which have been lying around on a shelf at home. Which ever, The X-Fact Whore gives you a chance to see some rare footage of Lee-Anne, along side Nicole [8], in her only screen performance.

Shot through a dust speckled lens, Lee-Anne lifts her short denim skirt to show James her red knickers. He reaches out, pressing his finger into her crotch. Falling onto the bed, James unzips Lee-Anne's top and sucks at her pert nipples. His trousers down, she swallows his cock. Lee-Anne sighs as a finger pulls at her shaven pussy then moves into her arse. Face down on the bed, Lee-Anne's curly blonde locks fall forward as she's fucked missionary. She rolls over for some missionary action. A little cock riding and James empties his jizz in Lee-Anne's mouth. Could this be a fake cum shot?

In her striped top and short skirt, in a country meadow, Antonia sits on James's legs. Tumbling onto her back, Antonia traps his cock between her nylon clad feet and starts to wank. Slipping down her tights and red-spotted knickers, Antonia wraps her nylons around James's dick and licks. Using the tights and mittens, James strokes her pussy as the pair writhe round on the grass. Antonia guides the cheb between her legs to be fucked. Pushing herself up, she sits on the manhood, reverse. The two end in doggy position, but James fails to cum. Antonia finish herself off with her fingers.

Petite Nicole sits on the cane sofa in James's conservatory and slowly peels off her black top and bra. Squeezing her pert boobs, she tells us how much she likes cock. James moves in, removing her tartan mini-skirt and black knickers to get at her pussy and arse. Sitting up, Nicole pops his prick between her lips and sucks. The two sit side by side for some mutual masturbation. Spread out over a table, Nicole is taken missionary. She twists her slim body round to be entered from behind. Finally, after a short cowgirl session, James cums with his cock between her lips... Surely he can't have produced that much spunk.

Sitting on James's sofa, Tequila talks to him about her career as glamour model, although he seems more interested in other work she may have done. Dropping her black and pink floral dress, Tequila explains she has all sorts of experience as her fanny gets closer and closer to James's face. Grabbing his dick, she shows how she deep throats cock. Then, kneeling on the sofa, how she likes to be fucked from behind. Dropping to the floor, the sex continues with Tequila being shagged missionary and another huge mouthful of cream.

Candice stretches out on the bed in her white stockings and ankle boots, with nurse Red over her body. Slipping a blue vibrator into Candice's pussy, she starts to wank. The therapy terminates with a knock at the front door. The girls usher James into her bedroom for treatment. Red caresses Candice's body as she tongues his shaft. With Candice easing James's cock into her cunt, Red satisfies herself with a toy. Lapping at Red's pussy, Candice lets James fill her from behind. She finishes by riding him reverse. The scene ends with all three kissing.

Introducing Lee-Anne as his fiance, James informs us that this is her first ever scene. Lifting her white top, James licks at Lee-Anne's breasts. His trousers removed, she cups his balls and sucks his shaft. James fingers Lee-Anne's fanny through her tight white panties, then pulls them down to get at her pussy. The pair shag doggy on the brown leather sofa, Lee-Anne's legs trembling with pleasure. A little more masturbation from the two and Lee-Anne mounts James's man meat for some bumping and grinding. Lying on the sofa, James tosses his load over Lee-Anne's face.

While the girls were all putting in decent performances, James, as the stud, is a bit wooden and ponderous. And as for the pop shots, it is either famine or a feast. But it's his film so he can do what he wants... Perhaps he should have spent a little more time looking through the camera. Then he would have realised that in two of the scenes the lens was covered in specs of muck and in others it wobbles and judders away from the action. Lee-Anne's X-Fact Whore has some good girls in a mediocre film.

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