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Released: 2007
Director: Tony Goodfellow
Notes: Rude Britannia
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Running time: 125 mins.

Shot in Sheffield's 'La Chambre' swinging club. Tony Goodfellow's latest film gives the impression he just turned up with the camera and started to film, but with Lala, Nikita and Tony James present, this must have been an organised shoot.

Couples talk and drink, apparently oblivious to Lala rubbing her pussy up and down the pole on the stage. The camera swings round erratically as she dances, tilting and pitching the picture, making you feel quite queasy by the time she finishes her dance.

A solidly built Fiona leads two burly blokes upstairs for fun and games. The cameraman appears to be more interested in the erotic images on the walls than the action in front of him. We then get some wobbly shots of Fiona wanking and sucking the chaps. The guys pull at her baggy boobs. She turns to be shagged doggy, her lank hair hanging down. Climbing onto a cock, Fiona wallows around as flash lights go off. More flashes and shots of indeterminate flabby flesh as Fiona takes cock up the arse ... the scene stops.

Gill, in her black top and denim skirt, pulls Vinny onto the couch by his cock. She stuffs the shaft between her lips and slips her fingers into her shaven snatch. Craig appears, to find Gill and Vinny hard at work. Stripping, he joins the pair, pushing his prick into her mouth as she is being taken doggy. Gill mounts Vinny's dick, as Craig stands wanking. The boys change places. With a cock in her pussy, Gill fills her mouth with the second. Gill jerks away at Vinny's shaft. He cums and his cream seeps over her fingers. More prick pulling and Craig pops his load over Gill's bum.

Maz and Nikita climb onto the stage with Lala. A group of guys join them. Tongues and fingers fly as the crowd sit supping their pints. The girls take the guys deep down their throats, but only the sight of Nikita licking pussy gets any response from the audience. Lala drops on all fours. Tony James jabs his cock in from behind. Maz sits in her brown boots, masturbating. Tony removes his prick and enters her pussy. Kneeling, Nikita rocks back against Vinny's cock. She rolls on to her back to be fucked. The group suck and fuck their way to the end of the scene.

In a room strewn with condom packets, all turn up for the final fling except Lala. The scene is very reminiscent of one in Greedy Girls Gangbang, with badly angled shots of heaving bodies and mounds of flesh, fucking. Donna and Emily also appear in this group scene, mixed in with the heap of thrashing flesh, but bad lighting and camera work make it difficult to work out who's with who and doing what. One by one the couples leave till only Tony and Donna are left. Having fired his load, the gang head off to the bath for a mass soak.

Poorly shot and dimly lit, the film looks badly planned and executed. Whilst filming on location can be difficult at times, at least the cameraman should focus on what's happening and anything which is below par should be removed at the editing stage. Although, here it would make a very short film! Live at La Chambre is one of the biggest turn offs I've seen in a while.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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