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Released: 2007
Director: Roger Moorhead
Notes: Combat Zone
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Running time: 151 mins.

With ten scenes, ranging from a five minute solo by Cody Lane in a shower to Nikki Hunter and Alexia in a full blown session, this film is exactly what the title says - a little bit of everything.

Carmel's twenty minute scene appears halfway through the film. A group of guys are playing pool when Carmel enters the room and climbs onto the table. The boys put down their cues and watch as she starts to tease. Cocks out, the four follow Carmel to the adjacent room where she sinks down on a chair. Lifting her white T-shirt, she lets the four fondle and kiss her boobs. Then, one-by-one, she takes each guy in her mouth and starts to suck. The boys press their chebs against Carmel's tits. She traps them in her cleavage and wanks. Dropping her turquoise knickers, the gang paw at her pussy as she swallows their dicks. Turned upside down on the chair, Carmel's head hangs off the cushion. With her mouth wide open, the four fuck her tonsils. Right way up again, the guys shower Carmel's face with jizz.

Whilst some of the scenes are ideal as a taster, making you want to see more, others are little more then the 'added extras' you find tucked away on many DVDs. Lil' Bit Of Everything is more like a Lil' bit of take it or leave it.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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