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Released: 2007
Director: Kendo
Notes: Dreamlight
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Running time: 119 mins.

The cream of British talent are joined by Diana Doll to have their education regarding all things shiny enhanced in Kendo's film, Lolly's School of Rubber. Over five scenes, Lolly and her friends don their kinky latex gear and indulge in sizzling hot'n'squeaky rubber-on-rubber action.

In a tight red top and black rubber skirt, Mistress Lolly rants and raves at pupils Paige and Angel Reece for not doing their work. Bending the girls over her desk, Lolly lifts their short shiny skirts to spank their bums. Cowering on the floor, the girls lick at Lolly's black boots. Paige has her face forced into Angel's fanny. Lolly fondles Angel's tits while Paige jabs a big red rod into Lolly's pussy. Not satisfied, she urges Paige to hammer in harder. Next, it's Paige's turn for punishment. Lolly pulls apart her bum cheeks and orders Angel to lick. The pair spread her pussy lips with their fingers and jam in a screwed black toy. With her hand down her tight rubber dress, Lolly gets the girls to masturbate. Giving them a helping hand and a shiny black toy, the two climax. Face down on the desk, Lolly also wants to orgasm and gets the other two to probe and tongue her pussy. Angel and Paige finish the job with a spiralled red rod which makes Lolly's pussy drip.

Wearing fishnet stockings and thigh high boots, Renee lies back in an examination chair. Her boobs poke through her translucent rubber dress. Clad in silver latex stockings and a shiny black girdle, Lolly stands on the other side of the room. Wandering towards the chair, Lolly bends over. Renee jams a thumb into Lolly's pussy. The girls swap places. Dribbling and licking Lolly's swollen lips, Renee thrusts in four fingers. The girls kiss. Renee moves in to lap at Lolly's arse. Her tongue darts and probes. Donning a black latex glove, Renee stretches Lolly wide open. Climbing off the chair, Renee kneels in Lolly's place. A tongue explores her bum as her pussy is fingered. Pushing Renee across the room, the girls end up on a couch where an array of big red toys await. Picking one up, Lolly drives it between Renee's legs. She writhes around in her tight rubber dress. Taking her revenge, Renee impales Lolly's pussy with a shiny red staff and works the free end against her own clit. The pair lick the juices from the toys.

Diana Doll sits in a dentist's chair. Lolly stands beside her in a grotesque face mask with large air filters resembling the eyes of a fly. Leaning forward, Lolly pulls at Diana's pussy. Peeling down her rubber bra, she offers her nipples to be nibbled. With Diana's latex clad legs wide open, Lolly pokes and paws. Placing Lolly in the chair, Diana laps at her neck, then slowly tongues her way towards her pussy. Lolly stiffens as she is penetrated by Diana's fingers. Twisting, the pair spank each other's bums. A dildo is attached to the dentist's drill. Diana screws it into Lolly's snatch. Down on all fours, Lolly discards her mask and turns to lick between Diana's thighs. Nice and wet, Lolly laps as Diana's labia stretches around the ridges of her big black toy. The two girls kiss.

In a dark and squalid dungeon, Michelle runs her fingerless rubber gloves over Jay's body. A whip wielding Lolly steps in to part the two. Grabbing Michelle's long blonde hair, Lolly forces her face against Jay's dick. Opening her mouth, she swallows him as far as his balls. Standing with her legs apart, Lolly and Jay lap at Michelle's smoothly shaven snatch. Their fingers pull and tug at her pussy and arse. Lolly eases a long red rod into Michelle. Placed in a hoist, the plastic is replaced by Jay's prick. Lolly swings Michelle hard onto Jay's cock. Moved to a stool, Michelle is filled, missionary. Lolly tongues at the freshly fucked fanny while Jay jerks his load into Michelle's mouth.

Among tyres and tat, Lolly reclines in a wing back chair wearing rubber stockings and suspenders. Angel Long stands beside her in black. After caressing her body, Angel is made to kneel. Lolly uses her as a foot stool. Smacking Angel's bum, Lolly runs her high heels over her back then tells her to lick her black shiny heels. Her tongue continues up her calves and thighs. Pushing Angel onto the chair, Lolly spits and licks at her pussy. Prevented from moving, Lolly jabs her fingers into Angel's snatch and makes her deep throat her hand. The girls suck at a shiny black rod. It's inserted deep between Angel's legs. Lolly tastes her handiwork and bites at Angel's nipples. Throwing Angel to the floor, Lolly kicks off her shoes and presses her latex clad toes into Angel's pussy. Angel lies back to lick her juices from the red rubber.

Even if you're not into latex you can't help but be impressed by Lolly and her friends as their rubber clad bodies reel and writhe in hot sexy action. Director Kendo has done a fine job mixing menace and domination with kinky eroticism. He and the girls should be all commended for Lolly's School of Rubber. This is one of the best films of this genre on the shelves.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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