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Released: 2007
Director: Sam Stonehill
Notes: Spice Studios
Alternate Titles
  • Extreme Anal Lesbians Extreme Spice
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 90 mins.

In the second of a series of films originally made for TV but now released uncut by Spice Studios, Lolly has gone into property developing and has invited round five of her friends to help out. The girls quickly find there are better ways to spend their time than fixing up Lolly's flat.

Angel Long has turned up to help paint, but her eyes are drawn to the rip in Lolly's jeans as she stands on top of the steps. Reaching up, Angel unfastens Lolly's red bra and starts to bite at her boobs. Slipping off her own white top, the two press their tits together. Dropping her pants, Lolly climbs the steps till her fanny is level with Angel's face. Pulling open Lolly's pussy lips, Angel jabs in her tongue. The two move to a dust sheet. Peeling down Angel's lemon coloured pants, Lolly probes at her cunt and bum. With no toys to hand the two improvise with the paint brushes, pushing the handles into their pussies. Lolly sticks a brush into Angel's arse and ends up being DP'd by two handles.

In her orange dungarees, Amber is shifting boxes for Lolly. It doesn't take long for the pair to end up on the table. Dropping her pants, Lolly sits on Amber's face. The girls lick and finger each other's pussies. Finding a double-ended dong, Lolly jams it into Amber's fanny and impales herself on the free end. The two work their way along the shaft. Turning bum to bum, the pair bang away on the toy, eventually stopping to taste each other's juices. The scene ends with Amber and Lolly fingering themselves to climax.

Lolly and Emma sit on the floor sharing a cigarette before starting work again. Lolly has a new tool she wants to show off. It's a revolving brush which she pushes against Emma's crotch. Stripped out of her overalls, Emma leans against the wall with Lolly's fingers in her fanny. Balancing on a metal frame, Lolly thrusts her pussy towards Emma's face. Her tongue explores the folds of her pussy lips and moves back to her arse. Down on the floor, Emma laps at her bum as Lolly pops a bottle into her pussy. She slips the neck into her arse. Pushing Emma forward, a shiny silver vibrator is worked between her bum cheeks.

Throwing their tools to the floor, Lolly and Sabrina fondle and grope as they rip each other's clothes off. Letting Sabrina lick her pussy, Lolly grabs a hammer and eases it into her hole. Moving to the table, Sabrina stretches out and the two 69. Sticking spanners into Sabrina's shaven snatch, Lolly wants to be banged with the hammer. The shaft is worked between her legs. Reaching into the tool box, a black vibrator is produced. Sabrina takes it into her arse before Lolly crams it down her throat. Pushed back onto her shoulders, Lolly pulls at her bum cheeks while Sabrina screws in the black toy.

Poppy is mixing paint when she notices how sexy Lolly looks in her work togs. Ripping a large hole in Poppy's jeans, the two smear paint over their bodies. Picking up a bottle, Lolly pours water into Poppy's pussy and crams her fingers into her cunt. Lapping the water off Poppy's legs, Lolly spits it over her face. The girls rive at each other's clothes, swigging and spraying each other with water. Poppy forces the empty bottle into Lolly's pussy and a brush into her arse. Her tongue probes the gaping holes. In return, Lolly squeezes a pair of pliers into Poppy.

Lolly certainly does like it extreme. At this rate she'll never get her house finished... It does make for good viewing though and this is a far better picture than Lolly's first Spice release, Uniform Perversions, even though it's the same cast. A must for Lolly watchers and fans of the other girls too.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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