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Released: 2007
Director: Sam Stonehill
Notes: Spice Studios
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Running time: 75 mins.

Spice Studios have released a series of films which Lolly Badcock made for the Adult Channel under the direction of Sam Stonehill. Being on DVD, these are slightly harder than originally broadcast. As in the other films, Lolly dominates a strong cast which includes Poppy Morgan, Angel Long and Sabrina Lavelle (as Jane Berry), in her very own dungeon.

Her black latex dress stretched tight across her body, Poppy is strapped face down to a pommel horse by Lolly. Selecting one of her many crops from the wall, Lolly lifts Poppy's dress to slap at her arse. Opening Poppy's pussy with her fingers, Lolly squeezes in a bottle of water and waits for her to squirt. Unfastening Poppy, Lolly takes her place on the horse. Her bum is spanked and bitten. The girls slobber and drool over a double-ended dong, then grind themselves together till they climax.

In a PVC bikini and fishnets, Jane (Sabrina) is locked in a cage. Appearing in a pink and red rubber outfit, Lolly orders her to dance. Pressed against the bars, Lolly laps at Jane's boobs. Her gloved hands reach for her fanny. Ripping apart Jane's stockings, Lolly sticks her fingers into the moist snatch. She follows up with a shiny steel vibrator. Unlocking the door, Jane is dragged across the dungeon to deep throat Lolly's plastic prick. Forced onto the floor, Lolly bangs away doggy style. Having orgasmed, it's back in the cage for Jane.

Angel is led to the stocks by her tormentor, Lolly. Locked up tight, Lolly teases her body with a bunch of birch twigs. Turning Angel round, Lolly loosens her shiny black basque and nibbles at her nipples. Moving down her body, she chews at her clit. Coaxing open Angel's mouth, Lolly fills it with a green vibrator. Covered in spit, it's thrust into her pussy. Released from her shackles, Lolly holds Angel's face against her fanny and tells her to lick. Her tongue darts over the plump pussy lips. Lolly gets her sex slave to stuff her snatch with a silver vibrator. Then it's back in the stocks for Angel to get her pussy pounded with the shiny toy.

With her long black coat trailing on the floor, Lolly hauls Emma into her dungeon and gets her to lick her boots. Manacled to the riding horse, Lolly tugs down Emma's knickers to spank her arse. Sticking her bum into Emma's face, Lolly wants her arse plugged with a purple plastic toy. Doing as she is told, Emma sucks on the free end of the toy. Wandering round the dungeon, Lolly backs herself into Emma's pussy. The girls bang their bums together with the toy in-between. Screwing the toy round in her arse, Lolly uses it like her own plastic prick. She climbs onto Emma's back to fuck her. With Emma quivering, Lolly leaves.

Sitting on her throne, Lolly summons Amber to lick her feet. Unhappy with her level of devotion, Amber is tied to the chair so Lolly can paw at her pussy. Amber squirms as Lolly laps at her clit, getting her ready for the big steel rod. Prising open Amber's pussy Lolly slides it in deep, holding the free end in her mouth. Pulling down her top, Lolly rubs herself against Amber's tied hands as she has her boobs sucked. Working her wrist free, Amber eases her fingers into Lolly's fanny. She wants her mistress to climax. Lolly kisses and dribbles into Amber's mouth and goes.

With Lolly at her dominant best, what there is of the film is very good. It's just a pity the whole thing is a tad too short. With such a great supporting cast and a pile of decent props in Lolly's dungeon, it wouldn't have been hard to stretch each scene by 4 or 5 minutes to make the film a decent length. As it is, Lolly's Domination Dungeon leaves you wanting more.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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