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Released: 2008
Director: Kendo
Notes: Dreamlight
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Running time: 108 mins.

This spoof sees Mark Sloane as the wheelchair bound Randy and Stefan Hard as his long suffering helper Lou, in a series of adventures with some of the hottest girls in the industry.

Visiting the dentist, Stefan takes his place on the chair. Dental nurse Michelle equips him with dark safety glasses. Oblivious to what's going on, she shows Mark how keen she is at filling... Undoing her white coat, Michelle plays with her tits. Mark forces his fingers past her panties. Out of his wheelchair, Michelle grabs Mark's manhood. Her tongue flicks over the tip of his cock. Climbing onto an examination couch, the pair start to fuck, doggy at first, then missionary. With fingers in her arse, Michelle rides cowgirl then spins round to face Mark. He cums over her tits. Stefan has fallen asleep.

The pair are next off to a job interview. Renee invites them into her office. Accidentally knocking water over Mark's trousers, she starts to rub. Her actions makes his dick bulge. Sitting on the end of her desk, she opens her legs and strokes at her pussy. Mark sits, tugging at his cock. Jumping out of his chair, Mark and Renee rive and pull at each other. He slips his fingers into her pussy as she squeezes on his prick. The pair start to fuck. Dropping back onto the office chair, Mark gets Renee to sit on his cock. He unbuttons her blouse as she bounces. Falling to the floor, Mark wanks over Renee's bum. They don't get the job.

Down at the gym, Mark watches Lala doing her workout. With Stefan out of view, Mark gets his dick out for Lala to lick. Her lips make their way down his length. Lala rubs the wet tool over her face. Pulling down her tight yellow shorts, she sits on Mark's prick. The two head over to an exercise machine where Lala's pussy is fucked missionary. Bending forward, Lala is filled from behind. Mark pops his load over Lala's tits before Stefan has had a chance to work out what's going on.

The boys are in a lift when Elizabeth enters. Sick of Mark's snide remarks, Stefan pushes him through the doors just as they are closing. As the lift goes up, Stefan goes down, lapping at Elizabeth's arse. She presses her tits against the lift wall as she is fingered. She sinks lower to suck Stefan's shaft. Pulling down his shell suit bottoms, Stefan plonks Elizabeth's pussy on his prick. The pair shag spoons on top of a pile of cloths. Elizabeth's reverse riding is obscured by her long black dress. Eventually she hitches it up. Stefan showers Elizabeth's boobs with spunk just as the lift stops.

Addicted to cigarettes and wanking, the two try hypnotherapy. Daisy gets Stefan to relax on her couch. Leaning over him, she unfastens her black blouse letting her boobs fall free. Stefan ignores her advances. Mark isn't so shy and already has his cheb in his hand. Not wanting to let man meat go to waste, Daisy slips it down her throat. Moving back to Stefan, her tongue licks and flicks over the tip of his dick. Removing her tight black dress, she climbs on to ride. Bouncing on Stefan's shaft, Daisy takes Mark's member between her lips. A little missionary action and her mouth is full of cum. Massaging Stefan's balls, he is quite content jerking at his prick. His spunk shoots over his t-shirt.

Unfortunately, Little Fit'un fails to hit the mark. Its humour, like the colours in the film, are flat and dull and the use of the same couple of 'office sets' for all the scenes make the film look as if it was shot on the cheap. With Kendo directing, and a strong cast of girls, I expected more interaction and banter during the action, but was sadly disappointed. Not one of the better releases from Dreamlight.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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